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April 18, 2008


melissa @ the inspired room

Wow, you've got some great ideas there! Chuck E. Cheese? I'd skip it. That is a punishment, not a party.

The rest of them are good. Except, no Outward Bound experiences or Saturday Night Fever. The rest, PRICELESS.

Happy almost 50th!



love and have to agree with the chuckee cheese part, not fave place. your post was quite inspiring!
Thanks for visiting my blog! While you did not win the first of my many Rak’s, I still want to send you something! No pressure. Just need your snail mail addy and birthdate!

Michelle Cummings


Karla...it's may something right???(your happy birthday)
Will have to sit down with hubby and figure out the editing thingy -good idea on the sepia and collage.
You could safety pin jingle bells on something and wear it all day so that every step you made would be full of wonderful noise. Have all four panels papered and ready to start the embellies. have a happy weekend

robin~thrifty miss priss

I say get the moon bounce and have a party in the yard! Those things are SO much fun for big people too!
Love the way you did the tags...and VERY "thrifty" of you to save every tag! Sometimes things are staring us right in the face and we still don't see them!


Thank you for your visit to my blog. I have spent a good hour here reading, looking at you photos and posts from your DC apartment.
I looooooove the painting and photos of your beautiful Granddaughter Leandra.
The Little Viking Traveler is my Grandson who lives in Denmark.
I like it here...there will be many more visits...don't be alarmed the person who spends so much time on your blog is me getting caught up.

María Elena

Karla, I loved your works in sephia. For your birthday, you could fly to Paris ( this offer my husband made to me ¿?).


KARLA! 300th POST!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! A huge CONGRATS!!!! Im still working on trying to get to 100. hee! hee! Your tags are BEAUTIFUL! Oh the little birdie with the bonnet and the hand painted tree branches is the SWEETEST! My fav!!!
Girl, you have some FUN FUN party ideas! SO hard to choose from. I love the renting a convertable idea and maybe throw a fun bash at dairyqueen and you can strut your stuff wearing a tiara and birthday sash! hee! hee!
We need to have a BIG 50th virtual online celebration for you!!!! :)))


Any one of those ideas would be fun for a party! And who doesnt love a bon fire?! Happy 30th post!! I had never read a blog, before I got turned on to yours! Thank you for introducing me to the world of blogging, which I am now addicted to! But, it's a good addiction! I've been inspired by you and everyone else! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


I did that fifty birthday thing a few years ago. Fun, Fun!!

I vote for the Queen for the Day and the weiner roast. Weird combination, I know, but who says you have to be a predictable queen?


First, congratulations on many posts and many years! I think Beth missed her calling as a party planner -- all great ideas! (Oh, you could have a Peter Pan theme -- do you really ever want to grow up?)

I especially love the sepia-toned tags. I don't know how to do that on my machine, but boy, are they gorgeous.


Spill the beans... I see a Bravo series is in the works - the Real Housewives of the Midwest. You'll host a bling'd bbq and while roasting weinies, explain the importance of not wearing your paper tiara for this event. Next season's Project Runway wannabes will make your gown from whatever they can find on your craft table. Top Chef wannabes will make a menu of sparkly finger foods. The camera crew will show you perched on the edge of a dumpster and emerging victorious with a chippy paint dresser strapped to your back. We viewers will sit on the edge of our seats as we wonder weekly - did she use the right adhesive? Will she get the mother load of flocked wallpaper? Will she be able to squeeze in a trip to the antique/thrift store today...

Come on... pitch the idea to Bravo.



Great tags.

I was 50 a few days ago, the 10th of April :-)

Lynn @theVintageNest

LOL Karla, Love the choice of things to do for your 50th. I say rent a stretch hummer and go antiquing with your bestest friends while having champagne and don't forget to wear your tiara. ~ Lynn

Rosie's Whimsy

You are so amazing! I truly don't know where you get your energy. I am one past you in the birthday department and no where near you in posts! I love all you do! Hears to another 300 posts!!

:-) Rosie

Beth Leintz

Oh,oh, I forgot one- be a contestant on Bret Michael's Rock of Love!

Paula Kay

i think for your 50th you should go all out; spa treatments; champagne & chocolates!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Debb George

Join the swap off swap dex and didn't know it was you.Congrats on your 300 post and your big birthday bast.I would go shopping antiquing everthing around here so high I think I go to you etsy and look at the ribbon.Have fun
love Debb

Karen Young

Well Karla, I think you should do everything on that wonderful party list.

Two weeks??? a date please



Wow! 300th post, and a birthday! How fantastic.

Loved your sephia tags all beautiful. One question I have for you is what type of glue do you use to attach the paper to your tags?

As for all of your birthday ideas, you should try all. Have a fabulous birthday!



Congrats on 300 posts!!! WOW! And Happy Early Birthday! That means you're a Taurus (so am I, my bday is tomorrow). So does being a Taurus make you as stubborn as I? heehee (Boy did I get that "stubborn-gene" in big way!) =)


PS - I have a GREAT idea for your birthday (this is what I was going to do for mine until we had to cancel the reservations due to an unexpected turn of events)... go to NYC for cheesecake and shop like a princess at Tinsel Trading!!!!

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