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May 21, 2008


Kim Caldwell

SO gorgeous Karla. I am ready to come to tea myself!

Hugs, Kim

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Not only adorable, but so very festive! Great save on the brownies. I never thought of using the butter pats like that, but I will now. Karla, you have the best ideas....and possibly the most energy. Susan


Your table is gorgeous, Karla! What great ideas -- I can't believe how far along your flowers are that you could fill such pretty teapots with garden blooms! You make me want to dash out and host a tea! It's lovely. (And Sugarwings' eyes are the bluest blue I've ever seen.)


You always have the best parties!! Your fairy tea party looks darling and I can see why you name her "Sugarwings" She is adorable!

Sheila R

What a wonderful tea party! Thanks for sharing your wonderful party... reminds me of my mom, Grammy, that throws tea parties for my children. Memories to last a life time!

Jessica Canham

Oh my goodness, you are just too-too much! What a pretty table setting and the food looks yummy. Adeline Grace (such a cute name!) must have been in little girl heaven!

Thanks for the heads-up regarding the brownies; I will definitely remember that!


I "get it"! What a grand tea party! I love the little pixies with their very own tiny teacups! The abundant linens, flowers, sweets and savories... Oh my! Whoever said, "Too much of a good thing is a good thing," (I think it was Mae West) was SO right!


Life is so much more fun when you get "it". It is so sad for those poor souls that don't.

I think the tea party looks heavenly. How lucky that Sugarwings has such a fun grandmother.


What a fun party Karla! I love the fairy sized food and that you let Sugarwings but lots of sugar in her tea! I went through a phase where I thought butter pats were yummy all by themselves - my grandmother used to let me nibble on them when my mother and father wouldn't. Luckily I gave that up pretty quickly!


Karla, that is the sweetest tea party ever...everything looks so beautiful and magical...i know your littlest guests will have a lovely memory to hold dear in years to come!!!


Oh what beautiful pictures! I have been blessed with three wonderful boys, so I don't get the chance to do much girly stuff. Thank you for sharing your tea party! And I absolutely love the hats in the previous post. Gorgeous!


What a pretty table. I bet your little guests were delighted.


I love this! And Adeline Grace doesn't look much older than my brittany, so glad the tea parties don't have to end! I think I will show Brittany this post and aske her if she wants to do this for her birthday! Thanks for the great idea, I'm going to steal it!


Looks like a beautiful table and a wonderful party! Everyone looks lovely in their hats!


What a Sweet idea! I love it and your decor is lovely. Perfect for a "magical" fairy party. I hope to do this with my Grand daughters someday.


oh my! what a beautiful tea party! those lucky little fairies! i just love sugarwings cool highchair too!


Charming!...everything looks so pretty...


It's COOL that the neighborhood girls can come over to play. Twinkle as a fairy...interesting request for Adeline Grace to make. Joy joys.

Jessi Nagy

just gorgeous!!
you and sugarwings look adorable!!
what a fun grammy you are!!

fated follies studio

wow, everything looks amazing. you are quite the party thrower.


robin bird

what a sweet party. i enjoyed reading about the fanciful preparations. you pay such loving attention to the tiniest details in order to create the mood. and i now see what the hats were for! awesome! you look like a big sister to sugarwings karla :) i love all the flounces and frippery and playful details of your tea party.
BTW i am just learning photography and my camera is a canon 5D. i hardly need any skill to take good photos with this camera :)
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road


I taught you well, but once again you have outdone me!

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

How divine! So glad you adopted me!


What a fun Fairy Tea Party! I loved doing things like this when my kids were little too! You brought back lots of fun memories for me!


I so love your tea party! The table is beautiful! I was thinking what a good idea to make brownies that way until I read the results. Never mind :D What wonderful memories Miss Sugarwings will have.

Paula Kay

loved the tea party!! since i collect tea pots & recently threw a "tea" at the local library, i was thrilled to see your decor! always good to share ideas. what an enchanting day you provided those young darlings! keep up the great memories Grammy! lol


Your tea party looks so inviting...and the food looks delicious. You have such wonderful ideas, I think I will have a tea party of my own.

Thanks for sharing.

sandra @7th St. Studio

oh! It looks like so much fun!!! What a great grammy you are!!! I bet those little girls are still talking about all the fun they had! Sugarwings will have such incredible memories of her time at your house!!! If she does not turn out to be amazingly creative after all this exposure to such talent, it will be a wonder!!! Thanks for sharing the fun!-Sandra

Elaine L.

So much fun!



All I can say is, Wow! What a treat for the eyes. You truly amaze me with all your creativity. What a special time for you, your guests, and Sugarwings. Love it! Amy :)


Love the hats and tatoos!
Happy Birthday......

Joanne Kennedy

WOW! I wish I lived by you and could come to one of your tea parties. That table is beautiful!

I love the little tea cups with the flower in them. Those darling little pixies are so sweet. I also love the picks you used for the ham and pickles.

It's all the cute little details that make a tea party so fun!

Oh and WHO in there right mind would not love your place and think it's to much? Crazy people in this world.



lovely tea party!which cakes are the calrie free ones (fairy cakes?) ;-)


Your tea setting was so lovely! I think it's great that you take time to stop and smell the roses (or is it pixiedust?) so much. I did that today with my little grandson, so fun.
Sugarwings is the most lucky fairy around to have such a fun Grammy (I'm Grammy, too). Oh, and she does have the most beautiful blue blue eyes. Pretty Baby!


What a great tea party. You have so much fun with your Sugarwings!


Heidi Woodruff

Very fun, and very pretty! I can hardly wait until my little granddaughter, Ellie Grace can have "tea" with me! (She's 7 months old...we're getting close!!!)
Everyday Cookies

Lili M.

This looks great and yummy Karla! And it's so good to see that everybody is having fun!! I'm always buying little and big teaservices to have teaparties. The guest can take their cup and saucer home and I have space to buy again (and keep hubby feeling happy of course).

robin~thrifty miss priss

The party was so sweet! I love the part about the olives on the fingers! Sugarwings is the luckiest girl alive to have such a hip Grammie!


What a beautiful party! Everything looks so perfect and I wish I lived in the same town so I could bring my little girls to play as well. I always love seeing pictures of Sugarwings. It is so obvious how much you love her. So precious. Thanks for always sharing such wonderful things with us all!


Barbara Burkard

pretty pretty...i wanna come play! i do have my own wings (well maddy would let me borrow hers...im sure!) please see that you have been nominated on my blog! peek and capture your trophy!



What a gorgeous, gorgeous party. Not only little girls love your home but big ones too. Karla, you paint magic wherever you go, and this party is no exception. Your litte Sugarwing's looks totally enchanted, she is blessed to have such a fun Grandmother. Karen


What a delightful party :)

Cookie Sunshine

What a wonderful birthday party. Happy birthday to you! I hope that every moment was a special as it looks in these fabulous photos. What a treasure.


Hi Karla,
What a wonderful fairy tea party, the food and table look just beautiful.
Cheers Linda


Oh Karla... I love love to come here; this house is so cozy, and beautiful! Love your sweet smile, your little angel, your lovely table... wow! How beautiful!

Hope you enjoy your party... next time, I may come over and join the fun. :)

Have a great day, my friend



What a great party!! Everything looks just wonderful. I wish I had your energy.


oh, your home is georgeaus, all very very nice, and all the ornaments is your house very beautiful, sorry my inglish not good, greeting.cecilmil


Oh, what a fabulous party, Karla! I envy you having the time to create such a wonderful respite from the everyday for your friends and family. Cheers to you!


Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! And delish too! I'm with Sugarwings...I always just like a iittle tea with my sugar! LOL.



Such a fun idea!!

Victoria x


What a perfect party! The place settings are so adorable, love the cups and pixies for sure.

Lolly Busey

Oh, Karla - you are so awesome!! What a fun idea! You are definately creating some very happy memories for your sweet fairy grandbaby, as well as those other lucky little girls!!

jessie frances

what a beautiful party! ... and i love your blog! I too am a collector of vintage millinery... yours is FANTASTIC


party beautiful!!!

Edie Marie's Attic

Hi Karla!
What a FABULOUS tea party! I can hardly wait to have tea parties for my 2 sweetie girls. I already have their little china tea cups and saucers waiting for them!
Hugs, Sherry


Thank you for your party, everything is perfect, congratulations...
Bye, Ángela


What an absolutely fantastic party. Looks like so much fun! Wish I could have joined you. (What do you mean too much?) It's like shoes...you can never have enough...hee,hee,ha...as long as it makes you happy..that's what counts!

Amy P

Oh how sweet! My little fairy girl would've had a blast, I'm sure your guests all did!


I so heart reading your blog and staring at your great photos. Please put my name in the giveaway hat...I bet your stash is quite another's treasures. Stephanie


You are the best grammy ever Karla. Just magical and so so sweet :)



Everything just looks so beautiful!

María Elena

Karla, beautiful decor of your table! and everything had to be very delicious!

Kelly Barney

Oh my...what a lovely blog! This is one of the most charming sites I have found. I will surely save this as a Favorite! Your home is just...just...amazing! I have had the grandest time! I am now inspired to make some decor changes. Truly wonderful. Thank you for sharing. PS - I found your site from Wild Rose Stamper - She is a fabulous crafter!

betty lou

What fun! I love the vintage hats! I have my grandmother's hats and wear them when the opportunity arrives!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

That looked like so much fun!


What a lovely tea party. Looking at all the goodies made me hungry. Glad to hear all had a great time.

Irma :)


What a treat your fairy tea party was...:)

Michele (Luvkitty)

What a gorgeous table you set up for the lovely tea party!! I think you look beautiful in your dress, and Sugarwings is just so sweet!! I hope you all had a great time at the tea party!!



Looks like a fairytale . Beautiful ! :)

Denise Fontaine

OMG!! Sooo adorable! Denise

daisy cottage

can you adopt me?



Adorable party! Each little detail Karla...just so cute. I know Sugarwings enjoyed herself.

Bunny Rose Cottage

AAGGHH!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Karla, you are awesome, this is fantastic! My kind of event for sure! Everything looks so beautiful and perfect! I would have love to be there!

And you are so LUCKY to live where David Cook does :) He is so cute!!!! LOLOLOL!!

Love ya,


Oh I just love your tea party!!!
Looks like so much fun!!!


LOVE the tea party! I forwarded your blog to my sister because she just had a tea party for her little ones and I knew she would absolutely love yours! You went all out! Adorable kids too!

Deanna Huggard

What a beautiful tea party. I would have loved to be there too!!!!!!

Karen Young

What a beautiful Fairy Tea. And, all those extra little touches made it so special


Terri B in Oregon

I wish I was at the party! How lovely and the detail!! And your granddaughter is adorable, as always! I cannot believe how much she has grown as i have read your blog! I do so enjoy it!


What a Lovely Tea Party! So inspiring. I have thrown a few tea parties, but never a fairy one. I ADORE it we love fairies here!


Oh how I wish I lived close to you so I could come and play!!! What a wonderful time must have been had by all.

I have also fixed small cupcake sized brownies, but sprayed my mini muffin pan with non-stick flour spray and did not use the paper. They came out perfectly.

Thanks for your visit!! Hope you can come and visit me again soon!

Robin/Southern Bella


What a fun looking party. I would like to have been there.

Lisa Russell

What a beautiful party! You decorate so nicely.



What a fun teaparty!! You are such a great Grandmother! I gave my granddaughter & her little friends a Happy New Year afternoon Teaparty when they were five yrs. old to allow all the other grownups time to get ready for a night out on the town! It was a blast ~ for ME & all the kids that came!

Angelic Accents


It's amazing the kind of details that went into this party. I will be using these pictures as inspiration for my girls birthday parties this year. Great painting on your own face!

Tea Party Treasures

That cute little Sugarwings! It's so nice to see grammies playing with their grandchildren - my girls love their MeMo and spend lots of time with her. What a fun idea! We play tea party a lot here but haven't quite gone all out like that. Hmmm...I'm thinking about an End of Summer Tea Party for our Daisy Scout Troop and the little girls in our neighborhood. Stop by my store for all sort of fun Tea Party dress up, teacups and more fun things.

Barbara Andino

I love it! It is so beautiful! It looked like you all had a lot of fun.


Hello !
I love your page, very good share out...
And my son play piano (He is 6,5 years old) sea the paint to piano very love .He say me to, we will paint my piano please mother.. :)
Party very look like ... See you soon...
Please write me, we want to write with you... Thanks

Shannon Szkapi

Just lovely <3 I can imagine what fun you all had. Thanks so much for sharing your Tea party with us :o)


so beautiful...I'm considering using this theme for my daughter's first communion party.

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