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January 14, 2009


Karen Young

Karla, you spring painting is gorgeous. You should make smaller copies and sell them in your etsy. I will look forward to the name the puppie and hope I win one of your delicious puppy love tags.

Hugs karen


Karla, The window is beautiful. I love how you hung the painting in the center. Very clever and cute.

Happy Hump Day


Gumbo Lily

Puppies? Did someone say "Puppies?" (in my Cruella DeVille voice) I haven't been over to visit in awhile and find oodles of puppies on every post. WHAT FUN!! They should spice up your winter doldrums. I love holding newborn puppies.

(adorable puppy tags too!)



This MO/KS weather is pretty crummy huh? I am going to be so glad when Spring comes along! I am already dreaming about it. Garage sales, picnics at the park, tending the garden. All things I just love to do!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

January is one of the WORST months for me too! I hate winter so much. Thank God we've had no snow yet. I hate short dark cloudy days.....staying inside 24/7....I'm daydreaming of Spring all the time. I can see why you want to change things around.....I get the same urge in the winter. Theres plenty for me to do, but none of it is fun! I'm looking forward to the swap...thats my kinda fun!
Your paining is just beautiful. All the more special because your mom loved it and thought of you everytime she saw it!


Thanks for posting that taste of SPRING:)
I may have to come back several more times to remind myself that it won't be cold and windy forever. Wasn't today just horrible?!


Karla, i think it is amazing and wonderful that this cold weather is prompting you to be creative...all it is doing for me is making me want to curl up on the couch with a kitty and read a book...i have read 8 books in the last two weeks...only made 4 things...oh, and of course i am here in blogland visiting all the time...

Deborah Woodrow

I love looking at the puppies, of course !
They will brighten up anyones winter blues.
Anyway, I know It may sound like a stupid question, but me being new to this tag swap, I was wondering what to use for the base, Inside of the tag ??? I have 2 made already, but they seem thin and flimsy.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know. I don't have all those fancy ribbons, puppy pictures, like you have, but I will just use what I have, and see if I can challenge myself !
LOVE your gothic window frame! WOW !
I appreciate, anyones comments. I don't have a blog yet, hopefully soon.
Karla, please let me know about the inside, of what to use, or anyone email me back at dd2w@yahoo.com
I, too can't wait until winter is over !
Whats all this talk about global warming ???
Sure could use some here, in SE Colorado !
Wished I lived closer, so I could help "Puppy-Sit" ! Good Night.


It is so horribly cold out!!! Im thinking spring too! Those sweet puppies I bet are enjoying your wood burning stove!


I love your painting, and how meaningful it is to you. Also so cool, the wreath painted directly on the picture, and other painted accents to other tags.
It is cold here and will be very cold for a couple of days, but no snow, just the drearies!


Hi Karla,

The puppies definately are looking bigger! I love the gothic window and I am with you about winter....bring on spring. It is actually staying lighter longer here in TN, as it got dark at 5:00 tonight, instead of 4:30.



Although I'm in Florida for a couple of days, I'll soon be returning to Michigan -- eight-degree Michigan. I love your spring idea. I must think spring or I fear I'll never survive the winter!

karla nathan

I think that painting is almost as beautiful as you! Thinking of you and wishing I was home keeping you warm.

Your loving husband.


I always love your posts. It is so wonderful to see how in love you are with those little puppies. I have never experienced new puppies until this past summer when I became "mother" to a three week old puppy whose birth mother was hit by a car and unable to care for her puppies. I was amazed at the care required, but loved every minute. Little Bella is now so very attached to me because I am probably all she remembers. I know you are enjoying this time with those precious little ones. This is a time you will never forget.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Your puppies are so sweet! They're almost cute enough to make me forget that I missed out on your swap. Wahhhh. I can't believe I didn't see this in time. That's what I get for not checking here more often. I'm just gonna go sit quietly in my dog house and mope!! LOL no really...

Elaine L.

I would have a hard time living where there is "real" winter. It gets in the 20's, here and that's cold enough for me. Luckily, we rarely have gray days. Even when it's cold we have sunshine and blue skies.


Joanne Kennedy

Those puppies are just TOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I love them.

Hey, you should move here to CA. It's been in the high 80's the past several days. Winter is no where in site here!


LiLi M.

I am not a winter person either. Every year after Christmas I have a feeling that I have seen enough winter, but actually winter just started then. It's dark, I don't like that and when the sun shines it shines from low position through your entire living room. I hate that even more, you see every spot, every dust flake mmm you have to be blind not noticing then that I hate working in house, cleaning and hoovering and that I do that, but not more than I need to. I wish the sun climbed, the doors could be left open, I could clean my windows. But the look of those puppies make me forget winter!

Linda Lilly Cottage at home

Oh I will swap with you, I would love to be somewhere cold right now, this heat is disgusting!!!! If you have snow at your place lets organise a swap now and you can come and live in Australia for a while, but only if you have snow mind you and leave all your art supplies behind for me to play with,lol!!! I think the cold is good for you though Karla look at all those gorgeous tags you have made!! Have a lovely day, sending warm thoughts your way, Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

Debra Ganas

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW, what a sweet post from your Husband.

We are having very cold (for Middle Ga) weather too. In the low teens for a couple of nights. There goes my Sat. morning yardsailing. Rats.

I did some "hopes of Spring" cleaning yesterday too. Started out cleaning the blinds, then cleaned the windows, then the outsides and screens. Ended up washing the lace curtains and re-arranging furniture to it's pre-Christmas tree floor plan. Today I must get in the craft room. Why oh why do I avoid THIS room?

Jen R

Love the window! I can't wait for spring either! We are in that severe deep freeze and all I can do is dream about the sun!

Kim Caldwell

California decided to skip right over Spring and head into Summer -- it's been in the high 80's! Crazy! Love all the pups -- makes me want to smell them. LOVE little pup smell!

Hugs, Kim


Love your little book...to cute! You've inspired me to "play".


Jean Eakin

Karla, I love your spring painting, and the gothic window. I too am ready for Spring. Here in Southwest Virginia today it is only in the 20's, tonight is in the low teens and tomorrow night is just going to be 7 degrees. This is really cold for our part of the country. I always worry about all the animals especially the neighbors dog that gets tied to a tree no matter what the weather. I am an old softie where animals are concerned.Give those sweet babies a big snuggle for me.
Jean in Virginia


The hope of spring makes us all smile. And, I would love to snuggle with those sweet babies.


I'm with you with the warm climes. Man, I love 70's/80's and could do it daily :)


The puppies are adorable! I don't think I can ever tire of seeing them.


The tags are beautiful, I am so mad at myself for not finding this swap in time. The puppies are just the cutest puppies ever. And I love the vintage bluejays. I collect them because of a connection with my Dad's death, I have the same one you do with the pink flower but have never seen the one on the fence, so cute. I hope you have a good weekend.


Good Morning,
Wow what a great job on your store.
The babies are getting big. Have you or Sugerwings named any of them. How any of them are you going to keep.
Have a Great DAY


I love your blog, it's so fab! It's been added to my favorites <3

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