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January 08, 2009



The puppies are so adorable! It's hard to believe they won't always be black! Congrat's on your upcoming two year blog anniversary! It doesn't seem that long ago, does it?! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your newest creations. Thank you for your time and talent!

Susan M Hickam

Hi Karla- the puppies are wonderful and never boring. I would love to particpate in your tag book. I will be back later- I have a jealous dog I have to go pay attention to right now.


These puppies are so cute! Are they full yorkies? I didn't realize you had three grown dogs - I guess you will have your hands full for awhile! I look forward to checking back and seeing more of the pups - don't you dare stop posting about them!
PS. Great idea to incorporate a puppy love swap - Congrats on your blogiversary as well!


What adorable puppies! Sugarwings will have fun with them! Does she get to keep one? Congrats on you blog anniversary. I would love to be in your Puppy Love Tag Swap, please sign me up.

Carol Spinski

I can't keep up with you!!!! Puppies, slip covers, painting, wallpapering, contests!!!! You go Sweet Ms K!!!!!

I would like to submit my puppy name of "Frenchie" of course:)


Oh, I'll never get tired of the puppies! They look so snuggy in their little huddle! The tag swap sounds like fun!


Congratulations on your new little batch of sweethearts! Oh how blessed you are!



Yes, it does sound like FUN--a "Puppy Love" tag swap! I'd love to join in and play--Thanks!

I don't mind at all seeing as many pics of the puppies as you want to post--they are so sweet!


Those puppies are adorable. And you have inspired me to try my hand at slipcovers - the chair looks so inviting. Sue


I'll play tag if there is still room!
Love the pups!


Don't know where you find your energy! Puppies, blog, swaps, etsy, Jan prize, puppy name prize, Valentine prize, woo hoo! Sorry, no time for the swap, but it sounds so fun. I'm hoping to start an altered book with photos of my grandparents when they were courting with a theme of roses. Keep posting puppy pics! All baby animals are so cute!



Please count me in !!!I am ready to make some puppy lovin tags!!


Please count me in for the tag swap! I already have visions of "puppy love" in my head!


Awe look at those sweeties! I am such a sucker for puppies , that how we wound up with the St. Bernard..haha!
I would love to join this swap , I have been so UNMOTIVATED ever since moving over here, not sure if its just that maybe being preggo too. But this sounds like something to get me going again and not too much work!

Alice W.

All of the little doggies are too cute! Love the photo of them "meeting" again and Twinkle not being as fond him...lol!

Wish I had more free time...your swap sounds fun...I am sure everyone will have a great time!

LiLi M.

Great idea puppy tag swap! Will it be open for international swappers, what would be the costs for them and do you accept paypal? Ha, you know that Chinese saying: 'a fool can ask more than a thousands of wise guys can answer!'


she's not as fond of him anymore...huh? hee hee!!! that picture is so cute and those puppies look so adorable all piled up and sweet...i would sign up for your swap if i were feeling even the least bit creative/inspired right now...but i am not...ugggggggh!!!

Sheila R

What a great I idea for a swap. I would love to join in on the fun!!!

Becky G.

Oh, the puppies are so precious! They look like they are praying or in a football huddle. I love the one on top left with it's front legs wrapped over the others. So sweet! Blessings, Becky G.


Good Morning Karla! Thanks for the puppy pics! Isn't it funny how all breeds look pretty much the same at birth? When you do the tag books, please post photos as I don't quite know what they are. Then I'll be ready for the next time! I am emailing my daughter to look at the babies, even "mostly cat" people love puppies! Your Friend, Bobbi

Debra Ganas

Thanks for that LOL moment. "Twinkle is not as fond of Teddi." I wasn't always fond of my Husband either after birthing his babies.

Please count me in on the Valentine swap. Sounds like just the thing to start off the swapping year.


I hope I am not too late for the swap, please count me in!!!


suchcutelittlepuppydoggies!!! gurl, where do you find the energy!!


A "pile o' puppies" - it doesn't get much better than that, does it?

I would love to participate in the swap if there's still room, and if it's OK for a non-blogger/mostly lurker to take part. :)


Ruth Flowers

Hi Karla Oma Ruth heir , I like to be in you're Valentine swap .
Love to reed your blog.


That little pile o' puppies is too cute! I can't wait to see all that is to come! Lots of "surprises!"

Lolly Busey

PLEASE count me in for this fun swap! Sounds fun!!


Dawn Gahan

Karla, I've never done a swap, so I do believe it is time! May I blog about the tags I'm making or is it an unwritten rule that they remain a secret until you get them and make books? Do let me know. I want to make sure for my first swap I'm not being the rebellious one!



THe puppies are so cute and tiny! The swap idea sounds great.. how much for us Canadians?



Janice Rehmeyer

Oh Karla,
The puppy's are adorable. I will never get tired of your posting about them.
Names for the puppy's, i will work on that.


PLEASE!!! Keep the puppy love coming!! They are too cute and m y son loves looking with me!! (I also think he has a crush on Sugarwings) hehehe! Add my name in for the tag book! This will be my first one soooooo wish me luck!! hehehe!


Oh how fun I would love to participate. Will have to think on the puppy name :)


I'd love to swap but I see there are many comments ahead of mine (darn job!). Please count me in if there's any space left. By the way, the pups are adorable.

Christa from Chloe Rose

I love reading about the puppies.....they are precious. I'd like to participate in the Valentine tag swap.

Chloe Rose

Jean Eakin

There is no such thing as too many puppy photos. There is nothing as sweet as puppies, especialy when their personalities start to show.My hubby had to see the babies after me talking about them for days, and he fell in love with them. I think if he had his way we would have a lot more than one dog. I used to be really crafty and for one reason or another it went away so maybe next time you do a swap I might get enough nerve to participate. You especially and some of the other creative gals have almost made me find my creative self again. I am actually thinking about things to create(someday).
Have a wonderful weekend.
Jean in Virginia


The puppies are precious. I'll just get my puppy fix by looking at yours!

I just started making tags...so I would *love* to be involved in your tag swap (if there is still room) I can't wait to get started on them!



Hi Karla,

If there is room I'd love to play tag!! Yikes I better get a move on cuz I'll need to find a "Mule" headed north in the next couple of weeks to post my tags for me!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mexico

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

We'll never get tired of the puppie pics! They are just too cute! I hope I'm not too late fot the puppy love swap! I'm up to my eyeballs with other things but can't pass this one up!
Oh..and my name for one of the pups is Fiona. I also like Bella (!) and Claudette (more of the french theme that carol started) and there's always FiFi!
Poor twinks....I bet she was cussing Mr. Teddy when she was in labor too.


Those babies are the sweetest things ever! I wouldn't get anything done having them in my home. I could just sit and hold each one 24/7! If I'm not to late, I'd love to sign up for the swap - please!

Kerryanne English

Keep them puppy photos coming Karla - we love them.

hope ellington

Good Morning Karla,
I love your puppies! I have never participated in a swap before, except at Silver Bella. I would love to join...if there is room. I miss all of my Bella Sisters so much.

Jen R

Those puppies are the sweetest! I showed them to my girls ad they were in love!


If only we could touch them! They are so very cute, I don't think we are going to "get tired" of them anytime soon!
LOVE those little sweeties.
xo Lidy


Sounds good Karla, thanks for the email. Count me in too please.




The puppies are precious.
My Josefina daughter I am enamored with the puppies. Very sweet.


The puppies are darling. I would love to join the tag swap! Ü xox


think I can do 6 tags...can I be counted in to the swap? Please keep posting about the puppies--they are way adorable.


I can't get enough of the puppies, or the puppy love!I have desperately wanted a dog for years, but my family thinks I work too much to take care of a dog. I love Yorkies, especially.

I would love to join the tag swap, if there is still room.



Please count me in on the Valentine Tag Swap, I would love to!

Kana Conger


Happy New year!
I have never done a tag swap before but I would love to join!!
Thank you,


HI Karla! I want to come play!!! ;) I need a good jump start to get the creative juices flowing again. Let me know if you still have room, my dear!
Happy New Year!


Well.... I don't know what I did! I thought I left a comment here on this post, but I'm not seeing it... silly me. I'm sorry if I end up comment twice- hope you can forgive me! Anywho, I would love to join in, if there's still room... I too, need a jump start to get the creative juices flowing!


WOW KARLA! You have a lot going on.... I have never done tags books before, I am in a mnothly ATC swap, so I imagine it is about the same. I am going to think on this overnight, and if your swap isn't full I may do this.
Let me know when puppy names are due. They are so cute.


I am so happy to be playing along. I love the puppy photos.

britt- sparkledvintagecharm

what a cute idea!! sounds like fun!! I hope you have a great day Karla!! hugs!! Britt :-)


Sorry I didn't see this in time to sign up -- love the samples and it's a great theme. If anyone drops out, let me know!


Rats! So sorry I didn't see this sooner. If anyone drops out, let me know, OK? And the tags you did -- as always, fabulous!


Ok well now I know they are Yorkies! Oh my would I LOVE to have one of those puppies.
Is it too late to count me in?
I am like you. Have tons of things I SHOULD be doing but this sounds FUNTASTIC!

Julie from Kindred Spirit Soap Co.

What a great idea on the card swap. Where do I sign up?

Julie from Kindred Spirit Soap Co.

I love puppies, even their puppy breath.
Have a great day

Randy Nathan

The puppies are so adorable! Kevin and I want to submit a puppy name for one of the boy puppies - " Tiny Tad " in honor of his cousin. Sounds fitting to us since he was such a lovable sweet guy! Blog is exceptional! Love and miss you!R&K


Please sign me up for the tag swap if there's room for one more. Thanks
Marian Ballog


Is it too late to join the tag
swap?? I would love to do this--
please let me know-thanks Sheila

Brenda Romine

COUNT ME IN! U have started on my tags and will have then in the mail asap. What fun. My first time to participate in a swap.

Brenda Romine

Forgot to ask you to email address to ship tags too...oops! Can you tell I am excited at the prospect?


Is it too late to join the swap? I would love to participate!! Please let me know! Love the theme, by the way :)


Is it too late to join the swap? I would love to participate!! Please let me know! Love the theme, by the way :)

Adam loves pics of puppies

Karlascottage.typepad.com is a wonderful site! I’m glad that I was able to come across your page. You have a great theme there, “Puppy love.” Your idea of swapping tags is great! Mahala was right, you’re very energetic. You got a lot of exciting things going on here on your site. The dog pictures are cute too! How are they doing? I’m sure they’re happy with your safe and caring hands. Hope you won’t get tired of updating your site. It seems many people are really happy with what you’re offering. I think you’re a great person too and very humble. I want to remind you that you’re not a boring blogger! Just look at all the comments people left you.

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