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January 07, 2009



Oh Karla it is just wonderful! I do sew and have recovered furniture and really, I love it! I have never tried a recliner and I love your tips. Especially the upholstery screws. I think I will try those with my regular slipcovers. My kids always work them loose. Hope your back feels better the crazy muscle relaxers really paid off this time!


I have never commented on a blog before, but I absolutely love the slipcover. You did an outstanding job? Way to go!


This slip cover is just gorgeous - I would LOVE to have one like it!


Holy heck, Karla, I'm so impressed!! Your gypsy chair is gorgeous and I can't believe you did all that without a pattern. I love the lace trim in the front and the fringe on the arms. You should be pretty proud of yourself!

Isabel ~ Maison Douce

I just got Robin's book yesterday and am absolutely mesmerized...!!! Great job for someone who does not like to sew! Looks gorgeous!!


That chair turned out fabulous !! I know I have been wanting to do one for my couch but don't even have a clue about slipcovering even though I do know how to sew,Maybe some day I'll try it though, you are just so crafty Karla!!I have been keeping my eye out for a lady bust, I thought yours was just so pretty on your past post and today I went out thrift shopping did fianlly find one , come by and see!


Wheeee, that was fun!!! I love your tips!! Your chair turned out great!!! I've been wanting to do my couch for soooo long, maybe I'll give it a shot now...so, glass of wine, lots of fabric, trims and a glass wine...is that how it goes.lol. Laurie


It turned out great! It really works with the sofa too!!!!

rochelle Gaukel

Hi Karla
Wow!! I'm amazed at how using a few random materials can transform something "ordinary" into EXTRAORDINARY! It looks gorgeous and gives me hope to slipcover a chair in my sunroom I've been wanting to do with vintage fabrics. Anything is possible!

tiffany ~ shabby scraps

Hi Karla! I adore your grammy gypsy chair and it is very "pearl-y"! I have the magnolia pearl book too, I love her eccentricity. My favorite part of the whole book was how she had partially grown up on an estate with hundreds of peacocks and how she used to get in trouble for letting them in the house. Now that she is all grown up, she can keep her peacocks where she wants! How inspirational to be surround by beautiful birds! or puppies in the dining room?
xoxo, Tiffany

Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

There's NOTHING you can't do! I'm gonna come over so we can cover up the silver in my hair!!! I'm serious. I've seen you work in person. With hot and scary tools that could burn people or set hotels on fire and you're smooth as liquid gold. And that recliner rocks. So Ms. Pearl. She's from my neck of the woods and ya done her proud!

Alice W.

Looks beautiful! And your chair does look quite cozy!


Karla, if you hate sewing you sure can't tell it. That is gorgeous...you did good. You'll have all kind of friends you didn't know you had asking if you can make one for them.
Thanks for all the helpful hints,


It's the coolest Karla. You should be proud of yourself!

LiLi M.

This all works great together! I guess your back hurts way less when you see the results, chapeau Madam! I love the helpfull tips especially the last one, do you think it helps preventing back pain too ;-)?

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh my goodness, I just about wet myself laughing at your how to....I think not sewing much is in your favour, you don't have to follow rules and panic about how expensive the fabric is when it is from your stash of goodies. I love your result and it looks oh so perfect!!! Thanks for the best read I have had today, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage

debi @ life in my studio

ROFLOL!!! I loved your tutorial...especially the helpful hints. You are TOO funny!!
Your chair turned out really pretty! I can't believe you are so brave to try a recliner.
Enjoy those cute puppies!


Karla, that chair looks just amazing!!! i am truly inspired...i have been dying to try to slipcover my couch and chair for such a long time...but i have been afraid to even start...i think you may know, i DO NOT like sewing either...but that tip about the wine, that may be the ticket...LOL...i love the mix of pattern that you used...the crochet trim on the seat front and the way you pulled the ends up in the back...GORGEOUS!!!


Clever girl! To be one who hates sewing you are very talented!! The couch is great and your I prefer your colourscheme much more then the sofa from your book. I always use washable covers to my furnitures because of two children and one cat, well I can be messy myself as well.. Hugs /linnea-maria


Karla, you're funny, and sometimes I think we are kindred souls...why choose something EASY to start making slipcovers? If a "real" seamstress won't do it because it's too hard, that doesn't mean we can't do it if we try! And you were right, your chair cover absolutely ROCKS!!! I have actually re-upholstered horrid old furniture (using the term "reupholstered" VERY loosely!) with a glue gun, and it works! Wouldn't stand up to much use...more like the chair in the guest room type of use...but it really works, and you can put on trims to your hearts content. My favorite stuff is the MacKenzie Childs look, lots of color and print, and I did my version of that. What fun! And yes, a little libation helps! Your Friend, Bobbi

Beth Leintz

I don't think its January that makes you want to redo a bit, I think its just waking up in the morning.

The chair turned out great- almost makes me want to redo my dirty reading chair, but then if it wasn't dirty, it wouldn't match the rest of my house.


Karla, well done. It is just beautiful !!!! Clarice

Kathy in Chicago

Oh Karla, you have NO idea how much I needed a laugh this morning and you did not disappoint!! I do love the chair but the comments WITH it are absolutely hilarious! I tackled slip-covering a loveseat once. I ended up making it look quite lovely but finished with a staple gun and a BOAT LOAD of staples. Of course by then it was no longer a slipcover and couldn't be removed - ever!

Thank you for the good chuckles and grins. You have NO idea how much it was needed. You are a riot, a real jewel and a pretty good seamstress and doggone it, people like you! (blatantly stolen from vintage Saturday Night Live) - Kathy in Chicago

The Other Karla

Wait...Beth has a "dirty reading chair"? Does she save it for "Valley of the Dolls" and the like?


FABULOUS! I love the chair redo, you did a geat job! I want to do something similar to one of my chairs, it's not a recliner, so should be easier?! You've given me inspiration... now I just need the glass of wine and a kick in the pants!

Cami @ Creating Myself

I love the chair makeover...what a fabulous job you did!

Love that you included a glass of wine or muscle relaxers in your tips! ;o)


Even on painkillers you are the energizer bunny!!! Or maybe we should call you the energizer gypsy fairy grammy????
I love the re-do..for a non-sewer you did a wonderful job....gives hope to other non sewers like me!
hugs and hope your back feels better soon! karen...

Sheila R

It is absolutely gorgeous! You are truly amazing!! It gives me hope that maybe one day I can do something like that too!

Vicki C

Good Lord girl... is there ANYTHING you cant do?????? lol Beautiful!!!


Congrats on your chair...still flying high from the muscle relaxers? Or feeling like goo?
I feel like goo on those things. Ugh, but I too have a rotten back, too many areas damaged to name, so I feel for you sister.
Lovely puppies.
Hugs for your poor back,


I love the new life you have given to your velvet chair. It looks so romantic. I recovered a serpentine sofa when I was in high school. It looked beautiful, but when you sat on it, the cushion "smiled". It was like you were sitting on a huge "C". I have no idea what became of it.



gorgeous! Love it!!

Claudia HIll

Karla, the slipcover is fabulous! I love how you've taken different fabrics and crafted such a beautiful cover - and for a recliner?
Who would have thought? You've inspired me.


I'm just impressed that you tried the slip cover in the first place! That is quite the undertaking! You did a good job with it! It's neat! I love the different textures!

sandra blanks

Hi Karla,
First time commenting, but I just had to tell you how much I love your slipcover. Honestly, is there anything you can't do? So much talent wrapped up in one lady! I'd love to see what you could do if you liked to sew!!! I love all the different textures and the crocheted piece. Love Magnolia Pearl's book, but some of her things are just too heavy and dark. Yours, on the other hand, is the perfect shabby chic look.
I've been thinking about a slipcover for my recliner for about a year now...maybe after seeing yours, I'll get brave enough to give it a try.
Give all the beautiful projects coming
Sandra B


It's perfect! Absolutely stunning!! I see baby yorkies "below"... I want a yorkie so bad! This is soooo adorable!! A feast for my eyes!!!! Thanks for sharing the chair and the babies!!!!!

Elaine L.

The chair is great! It looks like the essence of Magnolia Pearl, to me.



The slipcover is lovely and fits into your decor better than the original. Congratulations!

Angela Harris

WOw!!! I can't believe how gorgeous that turned out!!! Absolutely beautiful. Oh how I wish I could do that. I thought I was an intermediate sewer but I would have no idea how to go about that. you have the most beautiful home I've ever seen a blogger show.
angela Harris



OMG Karla, only you would take on that huge project with a bad back and high as a kite, LOL!!!
It's SOOOO gorgeous, it turned out fantastic, I'm pea green with jealousy!

Karen Young

Karla, great job on the couch and chair. Those pillows with the tapestry are fantastic.


Jean Eakin

Karla, I am really, really impressed. Love the gypsy chair. It doesn't look like a ordinary recliner now. You did great and I loved reading your "How to or how not to", it made me smile a lot!
Have a great day.
Jean in Virginia

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I think you did a great job! I love Magnolia Pearl too but her style isn't very practical for my house that always has an assortment of boys and young men lurking around. Maybe when I'm an old lady....


Wow, I need some of those bravery inducing musle relaxers!!! I can barely thread a needle, much less make a whole slip cover!!!


The slipcover looks, shall I say, awesome! I love it.
You are a very funny lady also, I loved the line, if not on muscle relaxers, drink a glass of wine.
Have a great day!


Karla, I love it!! The slipcover looks amazing. You did a wonderful job. The fabrics don't compete against one another, but blend together very well. The chair flows so well with the rest of your decor.

I'm hoping to teach myself to sew this year. It's on my list of things to do in 2009.

Happy Thursday



You pulled of a miracle on that chair - although I think Mom is rolling in her grave on the way you accomplished the transformation. Tell Twinks how beautiful I think her little girls are.

Shari ~plays with paper

The chair is absolutely wonderful! I love Magnolia Pearl but the colors you did fit my styles much better. I will have to look for the book. I hope your back is feeling better soon.


WOW! You ARE amazing!!! I have Robin's book and I also have plans to slipcover a wing chair (not nearly as tought as a recliner). I guess I need to get busy and start on it since you have set the example.I like to sew but don't know if I can do half as good a job. You are truly an artist! I bet you will just love that chair more and more! Again, WOW!!

Dawn Gahan

OK, Karla, after all your apologizing and lack of experience, I was expecting some disastrous picture as I scrolled down. And when I got to the chair I literally let out a small gasp. Be-u-ti-ful!!!!

Love it. You did an amazing job. Absolutely amazing.



I love that chair!!! I would love to attempt slip covering my sofa. How about a tutorial on the lamp shade on the table next to the sofa? I love it too!!!


Mary Green

GREAT JOB!!! It is beautiful. (And the muscle relaxer / broken sewing machine needle comments had me cracking up.)


I'm really impressed! I think you did much better not knowing or showing all the rules and just having a go at it...you were able to work it out quite well.


Fab work with the slipcover! And leave the lights in the urn year around. It's light, air and magic; not a clash of the holidays!

Tracy M.

It turned out gorgeous! I have an old chair that needs a new slipcover, I'm going to have to try your technique. I also like the tip about having a glass of wine before starting, good advice. LOL
Tracy M.


Wow...your chair turned out fabulous...gorgeous...fantastic...are you seeing a pattern here..I love it!

Liv Hudson

I cannot believe that there is someone else out there that does crazy things like me! LOL You did a fantastic job! I mean REALLY! I so need to cover my recliner but never gave it so much as a passing thought because it would be too hard. And . . . I'm considered a good seamstress! I am so impressed by your ability that I'm going to try and do like Laurie said: gather some stuff, drink some wine, snip here and there, drink some wine, pin and sew, drink some wine, then stand back and smile my butt off at the results!

barbara burkard

great job!!!! oh when we got that insurance for our sofa...our fine print didn't cover anything RED...so red koolaid popsicles etc...were BANNED from the living room...well thinking we were covered...on everything else...a piece of carbon paper...ended up on the sofa and one of the nieces...jumped up on there and of course stood on the paper and nice big cobalt blue carbon stain...and of course..it wasn't covered...as it was negligence...wouldn't come out...so a toss pillow was placed just sooo...

Deirdra Doan

Very cool....I need to give this a try sometime. I had my sofa's slip covered. I made new cushions out of feathers. I let someone else make the slips.

I love your puppies and decor...I have decorate like you a little...hope you come look through my blog to see. I put home photo's mixed in with my art..dolls...illustrations...etc.


I have the ugly chair from Hell in my living room. Right now, it's equally as ugly but more interesting with a quilt badly stuffed between cushions and wings. I can learn something from this post!

Julie from Kindred Spirit Soap Co.

How talented you are. That is really beautiful


It's absolutely lovely! Blessings.. Polly


I love the makeover. What colour are your walls? I love that textured look. Could you give a tutorial on doing the walls and also on lamps. Thank you for your inspiration.

On a Shoestring

Lovely lovely lovely! I feel inspired to think about taking on such a project!...maybe!


I just stumbled across your site here and I just loved it. I absolutely LOVE the look you were going for, and you did a TERRIFIC job!!! The gypsy in me predicts that I will be back here alot LOL. Thanks for sharing this wonderful project.

Courtney Roy

Beautiful job....I say the more "off" it is the better!!! I wonder if I'll have the guts to do this.....

Karla Nathan

I have another chair I would like to redo, and cant quite myself do it. I need to get up the guts to face it too, Courtney!

Karla Nathan

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