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October 20, 2009



Poor Bookie- probably any one of those animals could have gotten him, esp. being old. Poor baby.

Love the bottle trees!!

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

ohhh, poor bookie!!! I hope he is better soon!!
on another note, that picture of the blur mecury beads and winter deer is my favorite!!
xoxo, Tiffany


Your poor bookie! I hope he gets to feeling better soon! Your trees look amazing! You do such wonderful things!

Bunny Rose Cottage

Ohh Poo sweet little Bookie!! My heart breaks for him, he is so cute Karla!! I love him :) I hope he is okay!!

Your tress are gorgeous, so pretty, I could eat them, lol!!

Bunny Rose Cottage

I meant POOR sweet Bookie, lol!

Beth Leintz

Don't let Bookie see that picture of himself, it's not going to make him feel any better- poor Bookie.

I've been going through my craft room & guest room with a trash bag, picking up anything that's stray- even if its good- after looking at what you're making, I'm thinking I should save the bags for you.

I don't mean that like it sounds- you know what I mean- my trash could be your treasure.


aaaaaaaw...poor Bookie...he is so cute Karla...i don't think i ever saw him before...you are really on a roll with your Christmas creating Karla...you better watch out or Santa may just kidnap you and make you one of his elves...


It's starting to look a lot Christmas!!!

Victoria xx


My goodness! You are a busy woman! Everything looks magical!!


awwww...he looks just like a little dorkie that was brought in to where i work at animal emergency this last weekend...poor baby!!!

love the preps for Christmas...can never get too much of it!


All those pretty things are putting me in a Christmas spirit - or at least a crafting one. Hope that poor baby feels better.


Poor little doggie!

Your Christmas projects are looking spectacular and getting me in the mood! I've actually started flipping thru a few of my saved Christmas magazines, I can't help it...I love Christmas!

:) T


Is Bookie going to be OK, Karla? I hope so. He's so sweet.

On this gray, gloomy day I'm feeling much "lighter" after seeing the wonderful bottlebrush trees and your village. Very cheery and pretty. But good thing you don't use Ms. SWings as an assistant! I can't quite see them with a glue glob.


Poor little Bookie, I do hope he will be better very soon...

Love your Christmas projects and glad you are having nice weather..

Karen Young

Oh Karla, poor puppy, I hope he gets better. How sad...

Love the trees and the houses. They look great

Hugs Karen

Autumn Clark

I'm in full swing Halloween mode and you're over here in Christmas Wonderland! Must be the time difference... LOL! ;0 These are absolutely wonderful! I adore your work!
~ Autumn Clark




Little bookie is so cute! Hope he feels better soon ! I love the christmas fun going on at your house, I have also been doing a little chritmas fixing up too! My favorite time of year to decorate! xo Andrea


Poor little puppy! Do have hawks in the area? I have heard that they can make off pretty quick with a little dog like yours. At least Bookie put up a good fight! He's got some spunk left!

Your lovely pics of Christmas crafts inspire me!


your poor little dog, oh, I feel so sorry that something attached it...

now, those are some yummy trees and houses...I hope you let us know if these make it to your etsy shop...maybe I can get one or two before they are all gone! Love them.


One of the fun things about your blog is how you are always trying new ideas. The trees look great! I really like the white one with the little angel picture on top, a classic with lots of sparkles.

Oh, and your "Santa's Workshop" worktable is very appropriately named. You are definitely one of Santa's big helpers, brightening the world with endless hand-made creations. While Sugarwings may not be able to help this year, I won't be surprised if she becomes your biggest assistant helper elf. ;->

So sorry to hear about poor Bookie. Hope he gets all better soon!!


I so wish I could come learn to foof with you. I love the looks of it, but don't put anything like that up. I would definitely work for candy canes just to play. I did put together a cute little antique santa and reindeer scene a couple years ago with no glitter though. Unfortunately while taking down Christmas my Grand-Dog got it without me knowing and took it outside and destroyed it.
So sorry to see your little guy hurt and can't imagine this poor thing trying to fend something off at his age.


Oh dear, poor Bookie! And was that Twink I spied being one of Santas Helpers, or just being there because there was a camera! Rachaelxo


Poor baby! I think it had to be a hawk something like that too. He looks so sad!

When we had the cold weather last week I pulled out all my Christmas stuff to start creating too! It really put me in the mood. I ALMOST played Christmas music too. I sill might have to.
Your stuff looks great!
I've used that poly spray on my trees and it really keeps them from shedding!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

I'm so sorry that your baby got hurt so badly!! I hope he has a speedy recovery. I don't think a cat could've done that to him. Could it have been a coyote? We have recently noticed an increase in the number of coyote sightings in my community and they are known to attack small animals such as cats and small dogs.

Your creations are beyond wonderful!! I wish I could be as motivated as you but I'm just not feeling it right now. :( Thanks for all of the wonderful pics. : )

~ Wendy


Dear Karla,
Ohhhhhhh I feel so bad for your sweet
Bookie. I hope he will be better very soon.
It breaks my heart when animals are hurt...
Sending him lot's of healing and comforting
Your pastel Christmas trees are so pretty.
I can't wait until you have some for sale.
I ordered from you last year and I love them!!



Oh, thank you for all the photos. I have LOVED bottle brush trees for the last few years, obsessively so! Yours are adorable. I never find those mercury glass garlands, boo hoo. Sometimes when you show your supplies I feel that kid-in-a-candy-shop feeling!

Poor Bookie! I always wondered why you referred to your "dorkies" when it seemed like you had only Twinkle. Your little guy looks so pitiful. I hope he's all better very soon. Poor baby.

Nerissa Alford

oh goodness, that sweet little guy - i hope he is on the mend soon!
i am loving all the christmas projects you have going on. beautiful pictures!


It's so sad to see Bookie like this. I hope he gets better soon. He looks like my mom's former yorkie, Rusty. They have had two -- Rusty and Tuffy and I know when I see picts of Rusty because his ears are standing up!


Amy P

Poor little Bookie, what a sweetie pie. The tree farm is looking really pretty!


poor Bookie......hope he gets better soon....the lamb! :O love your trees...and houses......so neat! :D

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a cool life you have, Karla. Even my son was saying yesterday, gee Mom, if you didn't work, you could be crafting all day and having more fun :) p.s. poor little Bookie - who could do that to the poor little guy?!!


Hi Karla!
Great post! I have an order for some christmas banners and this is getting me in the mood! I love the picture of your table with all the holiday goodies on it.
I hope Bookie heals fast, he is so darn cute! karen....

Andrea Villarreal

Oh he looks so sad!! That's quite the bandage poor little guy. We have a hawk that circles every so often when I put Sandy and Bella out. I always look for him to make sure they can go potty in peace. They must look like tasty little 3 and 1/2 pound treats from up there! Whatever bit him obviously didn't think he tasted very good. Thank goodness.
Your Christmas stuff looks like so much fun! I can't believe it's almost time again!!


Hi Karla! Oh how I would feel like I was in heaven with all those pretty bottle brush trees and sugared houses!! Poor little Bookie! How is he doing now?

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents


First, I am so sorry about poor Bookie.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmass..... I love your little trees. Oh, and the little houses! I think my mother has the exact same kind.


Your poor little darling Bookie, I am so sorry. Hope he gets well soon. I absolutely love your bottle brush trees, I had those for Christmas decorating last year. Tried to bleach a couple but didn't do something right, cause it didn't work. But yours are beautiful.

Gerry Hook

I'm falling in love with your beee-u-ttt-ful trees !


Poor Bookie! I hope he gets better soon. whatever bit him better watch out-karma is a strange thing.
PS: my friend in Alaska is looking for a bunch of bottle trees to make up centerpieces for their annual silent auction dinner/fundraiser, for cancer research. Is there an online source for bottle trees in bulk? I used to own a flowershop a gazillion years ago and saw them everywhere, but I have been out of the loop for a long time since I moved down here. If anyone reading you comments knows, email me; becsflowers@aol.com
Thanks! As usual, love your blog. It is my very favorite in the whole wide world.


Poor little guy, I hope he feels better soon.

I have had the hardest time finding vintage mercury garlands myself and vintage ornaments in general this year. Its odd, last year they were everywhere and this year they have seemed to have disappeared. Perhaps the vintage ornament whisperer has hit our area! ;)


Poor little guy! His festive bandage fits in with your Christmas decor though. It is looking very much like Christmas!


Oh gosh how is Bookie doing? What a cutie.
Love the trees by the way, very unique!


Oh no I hope Bookie feels better. We have had some issues with critters in the past. I hope they stay away! those little bottle brush trees are adorable! Did you find a spray glitter that works?

Cami @ Creating Myself

Poor Bookie...hope he's better soon!

Love the sherbet color of your trees...& your fou-fou accents are perfect!

Janice In Missouri

I am so sorry for Bookie, I want to just hold him. He looks sooooooo sad.

I sure hope he recovers quickly, keep us posted.
I really like your decorated bottle brush trees.

Julie Wolf

Where do you get your bottlebrush trees? I would love to get 100 or so.

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