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January 29, 2010



your grandaughter is gorgeous. what eyes she has. I need to make a memory book to. mishelle


Karla, that is just gorgeous!!!

Zita-Mlle Magpie

That is so fabulous, Karla! What wonderful photo albums you have created!

Sheila R

What great photo albums you have created! I think I need to learn the your technique as I have too many photo waiting to be put into albums. Quick, easy and beautiful.

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

LiLi M.

Oh I enjoyed your scrapbooking and I just love that it is so Karla and not somebody else's lay out or ideas. I even think it is good that you use your own handwriting. In years to come it is good that that piece of you is saved too (I am a preserver pur sang). My mother threw away all cards and letters that my grandparents used to write, in the sixties, when they didn't have a phone. Oh why didn't she save just one?

Bunny Rose Cottage

Karla, these are beautiful!! I love how you did the pages and the jelly roll pens!! You are so clever! What beautiful pictures too. Sugarwings with the butterflies is so pretty! They all are! And your son is really cute too, tee hee!


I love your album full of special memories and photos! I have so many photos from so many years and they are laying in stacks. If good intentions counted....I would have it all done. I hope to some day. Thanks for inspiring me to get going!


Ohhhh, such beautiful memories you are creating for the family....They are beautiful,,,,

Holly Abston

So sweet and lovely, Karla. And, as a side note, I've meant to tell you, you look SO YOUNG with that dark hair!


Wow!...I'll bet you're burnt out! But the albums are just beautiful! And at least you're done...for now :)...my albums are shamefully behind.


Your pages are beautiful...I'm always so amazed at your version of "slapping it together"! I love that you write, instead of print out, the captions--it so personal--and I love your doodles:)

Suz Reaney

Such a nice family, Karla. Your husband looks handsome and KIND...what a combo. You look lovely. Hippie son is cute as can be and Sugarwings, well what can I say, just about the cutest little girl I have ever seen.

I love how you scrapbook. Maybe I could even do it if it were quick and easy! I cannot get into these obsessive pages (not me).

Thanks for sharing the lovely fam!


Karla, it looks like you have made a lovely book to preserve some very special memories! It is great to see that you have journaled those pages, too, as I, even though I AM a HUGE scrapbooker, altogether too often forget that part!


wonderful article......I have ordered some wallpaper and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival......:D your scrapbook is so beautiful.....gives me ideas......and I was pleasantly surprised that you refunded some of my postage.....you didn't have to do THAT..........I'm also looking forward to reading "The Grumpy Fairy"......thanks.....deb :D

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

That's the thing with digital photos they are wonderful but I miss holding an actual picture.
Yours are sweet!


Hello Sweet Karla! What I admire is the way you get ON with things! Maybe having a studio where you can (probably) find things is part of it. Anyway, as always, everything's lovely. And thank you again for helping with painting advice, you have a truly generous spirit. (If you want to know how to diagnose a UTI, email me anytime...that's about all I have to offer :)...) Your friend, Bobbi

Laurie S.

Your creativity and energy continue to amaze me - Wow!


Thank you for sharing your sweet pages and techniques. I like that you added your handwriting to so many pages rather than printed it out, it is more personal that way. Just lovely!

Brenda Kula

I need to do this, but keep putting it off. At one time I was really into scrapbooking, but then, as hobbies sometimes go, I tired of it. And now I have all these photos sitting around waiting to be placed somewhere. I'm assuming the young man is Sugarwing's father. Looks just like him!


Beautiful, Karla! I've got 20+ years of photos to put in photo albums...overwhelming to say the least. Now with the sweet granddaughter here, I'm apt to keep up~at least the current pictures! Love your album..thanks for sharing your ideas!

Freda Butler

Hi Karla

What a wonderful couple you and your hubby make. I like your way of doing the albums compared to the Creative Moments type album. They are too too something - I can't think of a good word.

What fun she will have 20 years or so from now looking back at the wonderful books her Grandma made.




Oh such a special book. One day Sugar Wings will be thrilled to hold it in her hands and remember all the special times you created for her.

Sherry Williams

Beautiful memories now beautifully preserved! You are so inspirational!


Oh Karla, what precious memories you are making for SugarWings!! I got an idea, hows about we all send you our piles and piles of pics and you make us all a book or 12?!?! LOL You have such a gift of making everything you do seem so simple, yet so beautiful! I just love your creativity!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Elaine L.

I am totally NOT into scrap booking. The details would drive me crazy and I would spend my time analyzing each page.

I love the simplicity of what you've done. I'll soon be retiring and I have thousands of pictures to go through. I'll be happy to get them in albums and dated.



beautiful! love that black background so classy.


You did a wonderful job with your scrap book. And your subject, Miss Sugar Wings, is absolutely beautiful. Love your ideas, like her reaching up and the lace butterflies she just let go. Beautiful!!!



For a "slap and dash" scrap book, this is amazing! I just love the black!! All the old photo albums used to be on black, I really like that look. With your bits of artwork added, well, you got yourself something wonderful! This is lovely, just lovely, Karla.

Stay warm,



Lovely Karla! I have tons of photos waiting... but at leat they're printed and ready to go (once I get my room unpacked).


I agree: Doing things a little at a time is always easier, just like moving one pebble at a time seems more possible than trying to tackle a mountain in one go. Maybe that's why feels like it has so many more huge ordeals than it needs, because tasks keep piling up?

It is always so fun to see the creative way you do photo albums. Each one is a custom-made adventure.

Ashley Schott

This is amazing! You take such beautiful photographs and I just love your scrapbooking style!


wonderful pages!!! sneak over...i'm doing the owoh giveaway for some custom pages! hugz and love

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