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August 05, 2010



oh Karla , you are so sweet! Thanks for the kind comment! Do you realize that your blog was the very first blog I had ever found? I didn't even know what a blog was until I happened upon yours....I think that was about...3 years ago? I have been reading your blog ever since!

Cami @ Creating Myself

They are indeed beautiful names although Leandra is my favorite! ;o) Love how unique they are too! I havea philosophy that giving a child a unique name gives them a headstart on having a sense of identity. Not that you can't achieve that w/ Karla LOL, just I think it may speed the process up a bit.

Agnes is almost as cute as Sugarwings...love her pout!


There are some really unusual names in that list. I, on the other hand, don't like names that are spelled out of the ordinary. Not that I am against people giving their kids a unique identity but those kids will have their names misspelled all their life. My first name is ordinary but my maiden name and married names are spelled differently and I have to always spell my last name for everyone.!!! Trust me it is a pain!! But, I guess to each their own!!
You certainly are a talented artist, Karla. They say people usually draw people that look like themselves but you reproduce Sugarwings in some way or another in each of your faces. What a great compliment for that young lady that her Grandmother sees her as the center of the universe! I just love your mermaids and Miss Agnes Rosebud and Sugarwings are the most adorable!!!!!!

Leanne Shawler

It's so fluffy!!!!!

Love that movie :)

And your mermaids are awesome :)

charmaine deadman

sugartail.. omg Karla you are so hilarious.


Love the name! Very old fashioned, I like those! What great mermaids you have made!! The tag swap sounds fun!
Hugs, Lisa


Hello Karla....love your mermaids...your pix are so clear..as usual ,you blog is the best, I check every day, but my best day will be when I win a give away!!!!.Lorraine

Kerryanne English

I love a party with a theme. Wish I was going to be one of the kids at Sugarwing's party. What fun!!


Beautiful names! I know it's a mermaid party, but it looks like a list of fairy names!

Susan Freeman

Poor Agnes! She obviously loves Sugarwings very much to put up with all that water!!

Susan and Bentley

kelli hansen

I ADORE it when Agnes say's "IT'S SO FLUFFY". Poor little pup looks like my dogs when our little granddaughter comes around. They know they have to put up with whatever. But they do get lot's of treats when she goes home, for their bravery.


Love your mermaid painting...are you really gonna let them poke holes in her? As for Agnus Rosebud...she's adorabe...and all the kids names are cool...love Amadeus...it rocks!

Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur

Dear Karla,

I'm loving that beautiful mermaid box. I've been out of the main stream of blogging for a while here. It's great to see what you're up to. Your sweet little one is so big. I can't believe it!!



I just love your mermaid & decor for the party! I think you may have a new art medium you are also talented doing.
Hope you think up some cute Christmas clay characters.
I loved "Despicable Me" and Agnes with thos huge brown eyes. Have a great weekend!


Hey Karla, this may not be the right place to say it, but I want to play in the Dorothy tag swap. I may not be very good at it, so if the other ladies who read this are disappointed in my tags, I am really going to do my best and I hope you don't hate them. Having said that, (!), let the fun begin!!!


Beautiful names!
Baila is my favorite!

Suz Reaney

Agnes does not look too happy but Sugarwings is desensitizing her to children and that is a very good thing. It will make Agnes Rose very calm and easy around other little ones...I think!!!

Calliope! I love it!


Laurie Jackson

Heh heh, sweet, patient puppy! What a lovely summer Sugarwings has had! I have heard great things about Despicable Me -- have to see it!

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