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December 03, 2011



Such a sweet piece! Please take a pic of the doors open when you have time.......so pretty.


Wow, that dresser turned out great, I need one just like it for Lily's room. Your Christmas decor is beautiful! Love the tree. I agree about the tree situation. If money was no object I'd buy the amazing flocked fraser fur I saw at the nursery last week for 150. It looked like it was just plucked right out of a forest. We bought a pre lit fake one from Hob Lob last year for 1/2 off & after it's decorated it's quite beautiful.
I love the birdcage under the table that the tree is on. Are there lights in there? It's really cool looking.

Gypsy Rose

great project. luv all your re-do's and tutorials. Still hoping for a chance at the cuff tutorial. Know you are having fun where ever you are and what ever you're doing.

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Lisa. Yes its too bad we are limited by our budgets, huh? On the other hand, I think scrounging, picking and hunting for the best deals makes me appreciate what I end up with even more.

Yea, the bird cage is lined with lights, then filled with ornaments. Last year I had some glass birds in it, Im slacking this year.

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Karla, you are amazing. This white cabinet is just a stunning transformation. I love it when people can have the vision to see things for what they can be and not just what they are. Bravo!!

Blessed Serendipity

I had to laugh when I saw the kitty checking out the new piece. My cats are the same way. So nosy and they notice every little new thing and just must check it out.



Hi Karla. Thinking of you on your palm springs getaway. This chest came out lovely. Maybe the girls also will be needing a pony soon? :). Charlotte


WOW~ What an amazing transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Love this.


I am starting out with an empty house and I am planning to do exactly what you have done, buy some sad unwanted furniture and fix it to fit in my new home. Thank you so much for sharing that amazing transformation.

Karla Nathan

Those savaged pieces have a lot more personality! Have fun. There are a lot of painting tips on Mysore bar under tutorials if you need any.

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Jenny Sellars

I too would love to see the inside! You made it awesome!! As always! ;>)


Nice re-do! You are amazing to transform them into what you need, and so quickly that you can leave a pre-written post about it while gone. I am impressed, as always!

Karla Nathan

I didnt do a thing to the inside, Jenny. I just stuffed it with little girl clothes. It would have been cute lined with old wallpaper tho.

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i love how the dorkies always end up in the pictures :) i have a wonderful dorkie too (his name is Kingston).


I always enjoy your how-tos. I have a dresser I have to tackle next summer at the cottage. This could be the technique I try.


Cats are such curious creatures, did you end up with white paw prints anywhere? The makeover was a great success, amazing what you can do with a few bits and a tin of paint.

Karla Nathan

No footprints this time, but that has happened in the past. Once I was painting outdoors, a can got knocked over and the barn cat ran through it. Luckily he jumped right into the open door of my van! Oh my, cat prints in primer everywhere!

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Love the idea of using the caulk, thanks for passing it along. The "wardrobe" turned out great.

Marilyn Pollock

Hi Karla! That project looked right up my alley! I have done the same thing to a few deco pieces with great results. I took a piece like yours and put it on ball shaped fence post tops upside down for 'feet' and that did wonders to change the style. I got a laugh at your caulk gun too, looks just like mine! Glad to see I'm not the only one that gets the caulk all over the gun! Hard not to when you're using your fingers for tools! Great post!

Mary Green

You are amazing.


A beautiful little cabinet! I loved seeing the kitty! So huggable! (So is your puppy dog.)


I love your tutorials!
This piece turned out really nice...and I must say that the puppy posing in front of it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! So precious!

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