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March 04, 2012


Dawn Edmonson

Hey sweetie, your banner is PERFECT!!! I love the images you chose and also love that it's hanging imperfectly...imperfect really is the new perfect, you know :) You go Beth! What a great idea to use the label stock as a backing for the fabric!!! Can't wait to see you girls in a few days...it really IS just a few days you know ~ EEEK! hugs and love, Dawn


I love it Karla....I would never get out of bed :0)

Mitzi Curi

Very pretty, Karla! "Leave no square inch un-embellished" should be our motto!


Karla that is just beautiful!! I love how it looks on your bed and I love your bed!

Karla Nathan

Words to live by, Mitzi!

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It looks perfect!! I am curious about the Avery label paper. I always iron on to freezer paper then peel it off. How did you get the fabric off the Avery label? It seems like that would super-stick?

Judy B.

I was so excited to read your great idea for printing on fabric! Using a whole Avery label (of which I have a full packet in the drawer, BTW!!) and attaching the fabric on it to run it through the printer! I, too, am scared to death that a small thread would get caught in the printer and then I would be hopelessly upset! Can't afford a new printer right now! Anyway, thanks so much for that great hint!

BTW, I LOVE your new bed and that headboard really rocks!! If my hubby were still alive, I would have him building one similar to it right now!! It's beautiful!!! No wonder you don't want to get out of it! Neither would I!

Karla Nathan

Judy, I worried about wrinkles and threads too. But it does stick really tight to the label, as a matter of fact, I reused the same label 3 times and it still was good and sticky. But I didnt want to press my luck in case it was weaker than I thought.

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Elaine L.

Karla, I love the banner! Do they sell the Avery paper at any craft store. We only have Michaels and JoAnns, here. I have many vintage hankies and this would be a fun project.

I think you would like my bedroom. It has the same serene feel as yours. I have used browns, whites and creams. I have a big anodized bronze bed and have one of your mailbags hanging right in the middle.



This is awfully pretty, Karla. How lovely to have a good "lay-in" bed!


Comfy beds you don't want to get out of are one of the nicest luxeries in life. I'm glad you are enjoying yours so well!

Kate garfield

A lovely bed layout! I especially love the pillows that are covered with old lace and fabric. Georgous!
I hope you feeling better. Those can be nasty infections!

Gypsy Rose

luv the banner.

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