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May 29, 2012


Kris Pare

Your album is lovely! the art event looked like so much fun. My little one just 'graduated' from pre-school and will be a kindergartener in August too. She is so excited but like Sugarwings--seems to come up with her 'own' projects and ideas now. I love watching her blossom and grow--she enjoys mixed media the most! I admit I struggle to write personal on my blog, mainly because I'm a shy reserved person, hesitant about my art, and I really blog cause I love art and try to show myself and others my ideas. If some emails me or comments, I consider it a privilege in this very busy world we live in. Take care, Kris


Amen on the blogging topics. And the scrapbook is wonderful. I've been pulling together photos of Gypsy to make something similar. I love the colors you used -- they're just right for your sweet ones! Fun project (and yes, when I don't finish in class, they don't get finished so easily!)


I love your lampshade! I have a bare lampshade frame sitting in my garage and it is just begging to be covered in lace! The scrapbook you made is gorgeous too!

Karla Nathan

The projects for the weekend were really good! I have two more to show too.

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YokkoBears Bears with a HEART

Love your album, so so lovely.

Still have to read your last blog, but the photo's are great.
Will send you a photo of some of my Angels in my Angelforest;
you could make one with Sugarwings in your Fairy Forest.

Jennifer Hayslip

Karla....I LOVE your blog and so HAPPY that you will continue on sharing your world with us loyal fans and readers. I agree with you 100% on the changing blog world. It's not the same.
However, blogging CHANGED my life in the biggest way and even tho' I don't post as often I would like, I will never give up blogging. It's my outlet and connection to "my girls" that get me!! :)
Love your lampshade!! Your work is always blows me away!! xoxo,Jenn

Heather Kowalski

Karla... I LOVE your gorgeous album. It was so worth the effort to get it done. Every page is beautiful! I am not sure if I stopped to say how sorry I was about your sweet little doggie... but I did read it and my heart broke for you. Hope you are having a nice summer. xoxo Heather

Kim Caldwell

Gorgeous projects as always Karla! I'm so glad you had a place to put the drawing ~ I will always remember that gorgeous backdrop and it's current journey across the states!! Hmmmm, I wonder what next year will unveil ~ you know it's a tradition, right??? lol


Stephanie O.

Your scrapbook inspires me to head down to my craft room and get all mine caught up!

Sea Witch

Insightful post about blogging and its current state of affairs. Like anything communicationwise today, it comes roaring in like a lion with everyone on board and then begins to peter out with the true diehards still going strong. You see this in facebook and will impact Pinterest the same way. I still love my blog world for the friends that I have made, the talent I can visit at any whim and the news we share as old friends who may never meet face to face but I know fondly in my heart. I, like you, will continue to blog. I'm delighted that your blog continues to be on my favorites list.

nancy thompson

Hi Karla,....having only "found " your blog so recently...I sure am thrilled that you will continue on. You as well as your art.... are such inspiration to all of us. I too am a "Gramie"...so the bonus of viewing pix of your little ones is always fun. You have inspired me to create my art adventures with a whole new vintage twist and I am loving it. I live in a rural community...hard to find kindred souls near my home or age group! Your blog and some others I have bounced to from your info.....are soo sooo much fun! P.S. I love your shops too!

Kate garfield

I absolutely love your lambshade. I'm getting inspired!!! And, the pics of the grandkids are precious. I have a new g'daughter coming in Oct. I'd better prepare...

Also, I agree with your thoughts on blogging. I am thoroughly ashamed and will comment more often..........


Gretchen Peacock

I have to agree with you about blogging. I think there is very definitely a nitche for blog writers and readers. I do follow Facebook and Twitter to keep in the loop, but I enjoy the time I spend visiting the blog sites...including yours.


Love, love the lampshade, Karla and the fairy grandbaby book is so pretty and sweet!! I completely agree with your thoughts on blogging... for some of us blogging touched a place in us that had never been touched and the need continues to connect with people of like mind. It is so nice to know we are not alone or just weird just because we don't find others like us in close proximity. Kim's event looks wonderfull, but yours was fabulous also, and still is a wonderful thing for me to ponder and remember. Thanks for all you do for the rest of us out there, we so appreciate it. Linda


Amen on the blogging AND on the macaroni and chocolate pudding!!


I go all the way with you on the blogging aspect ,and am so happy you will go on blogging Karla,-so will I, and visit ,and enjoy! like today, your lampshade is fantastic- I have pinned it , and hope it is ok?
Love you "grandma album" you takes the most beautiful photoes of your two darlings.

Linda P.

There is soooooo much beauty here! I love your lampshade and the way it literally drips with embellishments! And that gorgeous grandfairies album!

The pictures in this post are just begging for me to go back and look at them over and over again because there is so much to behold! Thank you for sharing it all.

Patty in Kansas

Karla...the little tiny crocheted basket is adorable. BTW, I just opened my copy of Somerset "Apprentice" and there you are! What a good article, complete with your usual, good, down-to-earth advice! Your style is so refreshing and simple, with no artifice. Have a good week. Patty in Kansas


I'm one of those people that doesn't always leave comments. I have always been grateful that you allowed me to take part in some tag swaps and others. Your blog is one that I visit everyday but only occasionally comment. I come here for comfort, the beauty and joy of your family life. I'll comment more often.
Mahala :)


Please don't ever stop blogging..I visit your blog regularly but don't always say anything...just really enjoy your perspective on life, family and creativity :)


I have been following your blog for years b/c of you :) I used to wear myself out by reading blogs, then I got rid of all but a handful that make me happy. You have the right mix of pic and stories. I feel like I know your family and would find a lot to laugh about with you!

I'm not cool enough to tweet. so keep on blogging!

Linda P.

Oh, I forgot to say that I love how you and Laurie were already scheming about your future artistic uses of leftover food in the nursing home. Well, I'm thinking you'd better not dismiss the rich color you could get from using stewed prunes as dye, too, Karla! Just trying to be helpful here! ; )


OH your album is gorgeous and so inspiring! Look at that frothy pink curtain backdrop at the Tiffany event!! And your lampshade is swoon worthy! I might get to meet Kecia on her stop in Colorado this weekend!! How fun!

Lorraine Bell

Karla we all enjoy your blog so much,I dont respond every day like I used to but,I read you blog EVERYDAY,& enjoy it so much....PLEASE continue....lorraine


Glad to hear it Karla. I love the inspiration I get her. I wanted to let you know that I made my dress form from the kit and everyone loved it. I bought 20 guage wire to make more, but it seems to thin to hold the form. Are there different grades of wire beside the gauge?

Just started making the wreath from that tutorial and am loving that too.

Loved seeing your grandbaby scrapbook - those girls are beautiful!

Enjoy your week!

Peggy Lee

wow Karla your album is fabulous and beautiful...so love it so you inspired me to create one of my aunt who just pasted away for me to have to admire. thanks so much

Mitzi Curi

Karla, I would be heartbroken if blogging faded away! It's brought so much joy and inspiration into my life.

I love your projects. The lampshade is divine, and your beautiful fairy grandbabies make any scrapbook totally charming!

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