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May 23, 2012


Gypsy Rose

First, I love your blog. It's one of the first blogs I found that really interested me and keep coming back to.
I don't do facebook. My opinion on this is facebook is the worst thing ever on the web. Like I said..jmo. Don't mind that others do it, I've not asked for it to be removed...lol, just don't like it.
I've tried google reader, it's not drawn me in. Something will have to change (not sure what) before I become a fan of this.
I find my blogs by 'blog hopping'. If it's interesting enough to be on a blog roll of a favorite blogger (and the pic or title is interesting) I will visit. And if I find something I like I will read the whole blog. And hopefully I will bookmark so I can go back because I saw something wonderful.
Those blogs with the most interesting blog rolls are at the top of my list. Really. If I have 4-5 really fave blogs, then I can blog hop off their lists and keeps me busy for a while...guess I'm just lazy.
I have followed a lot of blogs, but never use my 'follow' list. Usually only follow because it's a special request and most bloggers want a large follower list. I use my own fave list or bookmarks. (just the way I roll and my own quirkiness.) It matters little to me if a blogger has a large follower list. What matters is content and how they make me feel.
Some blogs are nothing but ads. Those get taken off my list real quick. I don't mind links or letting me know there is something new, but if it's all ads, not interested. I like the personal everyday stuff, but would rather it be kept real. No one is perfect. Life happens to us all, so I'm not looking for super-perfection.
And regular posts would be something else I look for. Someone that posts every day for 2 months, then only posts once every two months for the next year doesn't interest me. It's like they get you hooked and then leave you hanging. Not expecting posts everyday. And I'm a visual person, so pics are what draws me in.
Not sure this is what you wanted. I'm not a blogger. Probably because I couldn't live up to my own standards...lol
But keep doing what you are doing, because I love it!
And Thanks!


Okay, this is weird. You are the second close friend in two days to post about the purpose and future of blogging. If someone else does it tomorrow, I'm going to jump on the badgewagon title... then write a post completely unrelated just to throw people for a loop! :p

Honestly, sweet Karla, I love your balance of personal stories, bright pictures, shiny store goodies, and conversation questions. My understanding is that you created this balance because it is how you want your blog to be. I hope you will ALWAYS make this blog about what you want it to be. Anything else would become a total chore, and life has too many chores already.

~From your fan (plus returning comment supporter, sorry for the AFK) and happy follower!


I get bored with *just* business blogs. I also dislike the blog that is forever asking you to buy so the owner can purchase a *needed* item.

I enjoy the pics and love to look at the goodies for sale. What on earth would I do for entertainment if everyone stopped blogging? WOW what a big hole that would be.

I learn about classes to be held on blogs, and gatherings such as yours, oh I just love to take classes online....keeps down the travel expense.

Blogs are how I get to *know* so many sweet ladies, keep up with their families and watch their grandkids grow. Lots of love is shared on blogs.

I vote you need to keep yours up :o)

Sheila R

I love to come and visit blogs to get to know some incrediable ladies. If I hadn't have found yours and then you talked about Beth's I wouldn't have enjoyed Silver Bella, shopping at Beth's booth etc. I hope blogging never goes away as I feel like it has made this world a lot brighter because of it. I found out about upcoming creative retreats, sales and activities that I wouldn't have it everyone stopped blogging. I wouldn't also have know what a great Grammy you are. I hope you keep on blogging!

Linda P.

I LOVE your blog! Pleeeeeeeeeease don't even ask if blogging is dead! I absolutely love reading blogs. I consider them a major form of entertainment AND support.

Oh, the ladies and families I have "met" that I never would have otherwise. From blogs I get encouragement and inspiration and can feel like I'm having a cup of tea in some of the most beautifully loved and decorated homes.

I've traveled far and wide through visiting the world of blogdom. I've laughed with people, cried with people--all while sitting before this screen. I have felt understood by people who have walked a mile in my moccasins and who have faced some of the difficult challenges I have.

Through reading blogs I found my first-ever art retreat where I got to meet some wonderful ladies in person. And the art retreats I can't attend? Well, I feel like I've gotten a glorious glimpse of them when a blogger shows and tells of her own wonderful experiences there.

I don't mind at all if a blogger promotes on her blog what she sells. I love seeing beautiful creations and supplies that my favorite artists are selling!

I find blogs through blog hopping myself, clicking on links in the side bar or within a blog post.

My humble opinion is that each blogger should do what she wants on her blog, and those that love it will stay. Those that don't can go looking for a blog that suits them better. Do what YOU love on your blog! I think you have a wonderful balance here. Sweet words. Beautiful pictures.

Do you feel the love? : )


It is my sincere hope that blogging is not dead. I enjoy reading favorite blogs, like yours, that have a healthy balance of personal as well as professional content. I like getting to know the person behind the business.

I think blogging has grown so much and there are so many that it is hard to actually read all of what it out there, I prefer to stick to a few tried and true favorites adding a new read here and there as they draw my interest.

I think blogging is a great business tool as long as it is used in a non-pushy way like how you present new things you have to sell. You simply mention them in a post and move on.

I read blogs of interest through ones that I have bookmarked or by using the sidebar feature on my own blog to scan for new posts. I also do like to indulge in the occasional blog hop to find new reads or sites of interest.

I agree with you, if it were not for blogs where would all those who pin on Pinterest get their photos? I was recently made aware of the amount of content that had been removed from my blog and pinned, it was a little surprising what people found interesting.

EVERYTHING is about social media of one sort or the other these days. As a freelance writer and artist I am told by publishers that I need a platform, hence I have a blog, this is a business base building tool but I, like you, do not strictly stick to business pursuits where my blog is concerned, it is a mixture of topics and more of an online journal where I share the"good stuff" in my life. I think if you have a web based business it is wise to have a dedicated site to that business and a link to your blog where you can be more broad in topic and content as a way to let your customer get to know the person behind the product.

I hope blogs are not on their way out, I have "met" too many wonderful friends through this new, modern, and wonderful form of being "pen pals", people I would have never come in contact with were it not for blogging. I have also had some incredible opportunities open up because of blogging that I would have never experienced otherwise.

I look for blogs that have a combination of good written content and are visually pleasing. I like blogs that share ideas, that give inspiration, that offer food for thought, that share my interests, and stimulate my creativity.

The one thing I have noticed is that people comment less, Beth mentioned this recently. I am not sure if it is because they are not reading or because there are so many to read. In some cases I know of comments are not left if there is one of those crazy word verifications or sometimes people don't know what to say or don't feel comfortable, confessing being shy or intimidated to leave a comment. I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with comments, they are great feedback on my work yet they often make me feel uncomfortable, but if it were not for the comments a conversation would not be started and a new friendship would not be formed and that would be a sad missed opportunity.

This was a very interesting post with a lot of food for thought. I think you have started a long conversation! AND I hope your blog will continue!


I love your blog. You're so artistic and it shows in everything you bring to your blog. . .photos of your home, your grand fairies, and your business. You offer the whole package. I love that and most blogs I choose to follow offer the same (glimpses of life and business). I've been trying to capture that mix on my own new blog - the whole package, me as a person, a mom, a wife and a gal trying to make money creatively. I don't think blogs are on the way out, at least I sincerely hope not. I am on fb, I think it's fun but you can't offer the whole story, only a blog lets you do that. I feel the same about Pinterest, I like it and am on it but I need the story behind the photo. The blogs I follow are on my "favorites" list on my computer and I typically check them weekly. My list has bloggers like you (crafty/artistic), but also a gal who makes her living farming sheep, a gal who makes beautiful pottery, and a gal who grows flowers for her floral design business. I soak up inspiration from a wide variety of talented ladies.


Hi Karla,
Interesting thoughts on blogging. Mine began as just something I did for enjoyment, and when I opened my Etsy shop, it became part of my business plan. I read blogs regularly, but more for inspiration, and project ideas. That's just me, though. I don't enjoy blogs that are covered with ads, or where I have to keep clicking to read even the rest of the most recent post. If I am not in a total time pinch, which I'm usually not, I visit the blogs I read, and comment. I think a balance between personal and business is important. And I like concise posts with good photos. I think women are also looking for a connection, and want to know that their visits are noticed and appreciated. Which is also part of building a successful business.

I don't think they are on their way out just yet. But we'll see. There always is the next big thing! Who would have ever thought blogging would have exploded like it did!!

Your blog is charming and a joy to visit!!
Hope you have a great week, and can get back in the groove!!



Your blog is my favorite. I think you have a wonderful mix of family, creativity, and business. I use bloglovin to follow my favorite blogs. I am rarely on Facebook. Also, rarely on pinterest. If I am on pinterest I want to read the whole blog that goes with the picture. I also never leave comments but because I really, really, really don't want you to stop blogging I am coming out of the shadows to leave a comment. I have bought goodies from your shop and bought your on line tutorials.


Karla, I've always thought your blog encompasses the best of blogging, because you show your art, and then talk about your family, history, and trials and tribulations. The thing is, the personal stuff always seems to me to be related to your art -- from 'this is what inspired me' to 'this has what has kept me away from it'. It seems to me to be a healthy blog, with just the right amount of direction to where we can find something for sale. Not in a pushy way, but in a 'if you like it, here's where you can find it' way.
What I look for in a blog is that it's somewhat personal -- with the author sharing something of herself, her thoughts, her passions; that it engages me by asking me to interact; and that it is frequently updated. Twice a week is fine for me. More is wonderful, but as long as it's consistently updated, I'll keep reading.
I hope blogging is not dead. I have noticed less interaction on blogs and I really think that is because people are reading them on phones and it's too hard for them to leave a comment from a phone. That's my take on it.
I have heard people say they can't stand all the self-promotion on blogs, and I think the culprits causing this are the people who ONLY blog about their classes/products/etc. instead of a healthy mix. I too find this annoying.
I read blogs on Facebook and on Google Reader. I read so many that I categorize them in Reader into groups such as "Friends", "Paper artists", "Quilters", etc., and tend to read the ones of people I have met or know of through enjoying their work. I follow literally hundreds of blogs. (I'd follow fewer if I could figure out how to delete them from Google Reader -- I've done this several times but they always COME BACK!)
Please don't stop blogging Karla!

Judi Storm

"Please don't go, don't go. Don't walk away"...I found your blog when I was trying to figure out what "ATC" were. So like any good none computer person I went to "Google", and found you, and many other wonderful inspiring "Blog's."
Since then my bookmarks have multiplied by leaps and bounds. That is how I get to you almost everyday. I love how you share your life with us! I enjoy seeing how your family has blended and how you love each other! (Kind of sounds crazy stalker.) I hope you, and the others like yourself who are thinking the time has come to stop blogging will push through and continue to inspire, and yes entertain, those of us who don't have the gumption, or artistic ability to do something wonderful like you do everyday.
Thank you for ALL the time you give to us.


LOVE your blog Karla, I check to see whats new with you checking Google reader...I agree, no one comments much anymore...thankfully I check my "stats' or my counter..it gives me a boost to see that people are still checking in on my blog. I hope blogging doesn't go away, its such a wonderful way of finding out whats going on...I would have never found out about Christy Repasy teaching classes!
I too want to thank you for taking us all into your delightful world.


I love the blogs that are a mix of personal, some business, inspiration, etc. I don't enjoy the blogs that are all promotional or blogs that give a picture collage with links and no explanation of anything. I've also noticed a lot of "guest" blogging going on and that kind of annoys me. I come to a blog to see what the blogger has to say - not the 20 people writing the guest posts. Finally - I really dislike music on a blog - it's totally annoying to be quietly trying to surf blogs while the rest of the house is sleeping and have someone's blog slowly load and blast my ears out.
I sure hope blogs are not going away. I enjoy getting to know other bloggers and finding about upcoming events, or hearing about events attended. It's so much better that just a few lines on Facebook. Facebook tends to bring me down with some of the negativity or the constant bragging, but blogging, when people are real, gives you a feeling of how that person's life really is. Good and bad.
I don't mind self promotion on a blog as long as it's not: leave me a comment, like me on FB, blog about me, etc and *then* maybe you'll have a chance to win my giveaway. I like to know if I can purchase someone's art and where and when I can do that but if there is no give back, no sharing at all, well then, I'd rather to purchase from an artist I feel a connection with.


I posted a comment earlier, but it isn't on here? I'll try again!

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Blogging is NOT DEAD! Yours was the first Blog I ever read and you turned me on to all of the others. Now I am an addict. I have to read "my" blogs first thing in the morning to start my day. I love the content, the pictures, the stories, the selling, all of it! Don't ever stop!

Tami Hacker

Interesting as I've seen this blogging concern recently posted on other blogs. I hope blogging is not over - I've only been blogging about one year.

I was encouraged by 2011 Bird Song Peeps to create my blog. I created my blog in June 2011. It has added a new deminsion to my life! If I had not linked to your blog through Beth's wonderful blog, I would probably have never known about Bird Song I or II. These two events have connected me with new friendships and artful creativity!!

Please don't stop your blog... it is wonderful and a favorite of mine!!

I rarely go to a blog that is merely a business blog.

I like personal blogs like yours that share what happens in one's life... art/creativity/decor/design/style/recipes, etc... what touches their lives. It is a way of connecting to those of kindred spirits and hopefully new friendships. I have even developed pen pal friends in other countries. I do not mind bloggers that offer shops - If they are offering items I am wanting, I support them.

We cannot be great bloggers all time, but should that matter? Blog from your heart... happy, sad, short, lengthy, creative, stories, photos, memories, lessons, whatever touches your life for when your share it, it also touches our life(smile).

Blogging is essential to our lives - it shares the depths of our lives and connects us to one another. I hope it NEVER stops.

Hugs, Tami

Kimberly Budash

I LOVE your blog and I hope you don't change a thing. I was an avid read of another blog, of which I won't mention here, and I have almost completely stopped reading her blog b/c all she is doing is trying to sell me her wares. I really love hearing about your family, I'm interested and concerned and I feel like I know you through your blog. You are interesting, funny and extremely real. I don't think that blogs are "DEAD", not in my world anyways. Keep up the good work and I'll continue to read your blog. Also, I have bought numerous items from your online store. If you don't mention them on your blog, then how will I know about them?? Good luck, keep the "funny" stuff coming and don't change a thing, you are an "ORIGINAL".


Dear Karla,
I read Tami`s note and feel exatly the same as she describes-but I want to add one more thing,,
I have newly become a Facebokkèr ,and there I can se that a lot of my friends have started to almost use F.B as their blog, -meaning they post more in there that they do on their blog--that scares me, as I really prefer blogging from F.B. ìng.
So please keep going ,just the way you are right now, with your beautiful blog, and wonderful stories ,AND your selling on Etsy- I LOVE VISITING YOU HERE.


Karla, I have always thought your blog strikes a perfect balance of buying/selling/crafting/and life! I think a blog is different things to different people. If some think the only purpose of a blog is to sell, they are welcome to do that although I don't know who is going to go read their sales pitch!
I see my own blog like my form of journaling. It is just the things going on in my world that are fun to share with other people who have common interests. I have met some wonderful people through blogging - like email pen pals.
I think a blog can be whatever you want it to be and I, for one, do NOT think blogs are dead!!


OMG! Don't stop blogging. Yours is the first one I go to every day. I am addicted to reading blogs, and spend many of my early morning hours blog-hopping. As a retired teacher, bloggers keep me abreast of what's going on in a world that "gets me", and keeps me motivated. I love reading the written word, as well as feasting my eyes on the pictures.

You are so talented, and willing to share. Your blog is a perfect mix of business and pleasure. I hang on every word written. Your life is so interesting, and I felt like you were my "best friend." That's why I was so excited about Birdsong. (Which, I absolutely loved, and can't wait for next year.) Meeting you reiterated what a fabulous person you are, and I was thrilled to spend time in your presence.

I do NOT like Facebook in any way, shape, or form. I have been deeply saddened as some of my favorite bloggers have turned to Facebook. It is hard to follow. "Stuff" put out there is so impersonal, and disjointed.

I understand how you feel right now. You've had a rough winter, along with Birdsong, California, and more. Take a LITTLE break, rejuvenate, lose yourself in your studio, smell the roses, and then don't forget we love you in blogland.

Kate garfield

Karla, I look for short interesting paragraphs mixed with pictures, in a blog.
I enjoy hearing about your day to day time and the special things.
I little bit of sadness is good, too, as it shows us that we all have some of that going on in our lives. We are not alone.
I don't read very many blogs, as I don't have the time. But I do check your blog each and every day. I came upon your blog quite by accident, thinking it was someone else's! But, I've stuck with yours and not the other person's. You are an inspiration to me!
I don't know if blogs are coming or leaving. I'm hoping to have my website up and running by Fall and am planning to blog, also.
I read on Google, I think.
If it all becomes too much like work......time to rest and re-coup.
take care, from a faithful reader,

k in atlanta

I think the golden age of blogging is over... too many people have attempted to make money with their blog.. while there is nothing wrong with this it can be very boring... there are certain blogs I refuse to read since every click translates into $$ for the owner... and forgive me, but small gatherings that only a few can attend while the attendees go on and on and on..Silver Bella overload not so much fun... I had a blog that I enjoyed posting on ...I made some friends as a result.. I never intended to sell anything or make any money with it.. when it was no longer fun or adding something to my life I ended it ... I check on your posts for the connection with Lawrence ... whatever you do enjoy it ... don't look at it as a burden something you have to do


I don't think blogs are on their way out more like they have intensified! I love your blog and don't mind that you show your wares on it! you do it nicely! I don't like blogs that are cluttered with advertising though! I still skim read a lot of blogs, love looking at peoples houses and hearing about their lives and feeling like you know someone through them! Kinda! I try to blog regularly but my study gets in my way! My blog is like my personal journal, one that I share with the world lol! I fully intend at some point to use it to market my wares but subtly like you do! Carry on in the way you blog! It's your blog remember! Rachael xo

Velvet Verbosity

I'm one of those people that never comments. I added your blog to my reader some time ago.

I recently went through this question myself. I had been blogging for some time and developed a following, but it was becoming an obligation and stopped being fun. And I think this is the point at which many bloggers have to consider how much work they put into a blog and how to get some return. It's an interesting conundrum since folks complain about blogs going "commercial" and yet why do we at the same time expect that people will write and write and write for nothing?

I think if a blog can strike a good balance between being informative, inspiring, or fun (or all three) while also financially supporting the blogger - well, that can only be a good thing. It takes a lot of work to keep an interesting blog going, there should be some sort of compensation for that work.

Yes, of course some people can take it too far, but the blog will naturally suffer for it.

But bottom line, you have to love it to keep finding the time and energy for it. :)

Barbara Sullivan

Karla, I'm not a blogger, so I rarely leave comments, but your blog is one of 3 Favorites that I check for posts every day. Your style and talent are unique and I thank you for sharing yourself and your dear family with us! Our hard drive crashed last Christmas and I lost everything... I felt as if I had been cut off from civilization! ( I went to Romantic Homes Mag where they feature bloggers and started reading blogrolls. It took me about a week to find you again! And I only found you because someone mentioned Birdsong! )I hope that you will continue to blog - you have such a pleasant mix of personal, creative, decorating, and treasures for sale. And all of it done beautifully!


blogging is not dead. otherwise where would social media get its content from? its not all about images.

in a blog I look at common interests and for real people. If your blog is just to sell stuff I am swiftly uninterested. If it's endless pretty photos I am discovering I am also pretty uninterested. If I want pretty photos I can go to Pinterest.

I read all my blogs on Google Reader and go to the blog only to comment or if they have a "teaser" for a longer post -- and if the longer post isn't worth the tease, then I tend to stop reading those also.


I blog for me and I love reading other blogs and gather LOTS of ideas. I feel that I have made "friends" too.
So, it's your blog and you get to do whatever you want to on it.


I think you have a great balance, too, Karla. I have tried Pinterest a couple of times, and I know people are crazy about it, but it does nothing for me - it just seems like random photos that may or may not mean anything. Facebook is probably in my future - I've found I like checking some of my favorite blogs there. I use Google Reader, btw.

Marilyn Parker

Karla ~ I find blogs by blog hopping and seeing interesting names that I check out. I also find new blogs when they are mentioned on some of my favorites blogs. I keep my favorites bookmarked.

I retired about 3 years ago and that is when I started reading blogs. Elizabeth Maxson was the first one that I found. Many of her posts were about running a business and the people you meet doing that. But they spoke to me and things I was going through in my life at that time. From Elizabeth and the April in Paris blog I found you! Then Deb, then Beth, then Dawn, then Lori, then Jennifer, then - well you see how it goes. I now have lots of Kansas girlfriends, lots of Texas girlfriends and a few Missouri girlfriends.

As mentioned in one of the other comments, it's your blog and you get to decide. I know I love what you do and the things you share. I like blogs without the outside ads. When the person tells me about their "stuff" I am usually interested.

Sorry I've rambled (it's why I don't comment much). Please stay just the way you are.

Marilyn in Missouri

Karla Nathan

Oh, I dont consider blogging a burden at all. I really do enjoy it and would hate to think that blogs are on their way out. Id probably keep up with mine anyway, its become such a way of life for me.

Yes, I can see how photos of art events you didnt go to can be abouts as fun as looking at someones vacation slide show, K!
Sent from my iPad

Dede Warren

Blogging, blogging, blogging... or the lack thereof. Do I keep it going or let it go? That is the never ending question of late...

I like to think that I don't do "something" just for the sake of blogging... as in I'm actually enjoy my days and not simply think, "oh, let me photograph this for my blog". I also don't believe that if I don't sell, then why have a blog... as I'm not in this to make money, but as a ways to connect with those who have a a passion for art as I do. Not that money's a bad thing, it certainly isn't. But it's (blogging) something I've struggled with for the past couple of years, as the tides of the www, and networking, and sharing art related happenings has changed.

That being said, I DO NOT read blogs that are all about the sell! Years ago, I was so sad to stop reading the blog that had gotten me started. It had become "sell, sell, sell!" That was literally what I thought when I checked into the latest posts... the friendly voice had tilted just enough that I suddenly realized it was all about the sale. The money. The cold. hard. cash! And that was enough to drive me away!

So for me blogging is about making a connection with those who share art, or an interest in art; it's about encouraging one another, and about sharing information. It's about having a voice (however small) in this area we all have a passion for. But it isn't about money, or selling, or anything more than friendship, paying it forward, and community building.

If you want to sell, do it. If you want to talk, I'll be here to listen. If you want to stop blogging and enjoy your life, and your babies, do that... but you will be missed. How about if you just do what YOU want to do? After all this is your blog!

Patty in Kansas

Karla, don't ever stop your beautiful blog...I look forward to your gorgeous photos of your family, your lovely home and grounds, the "dorkies" and anything else you care to share with us...I head for your site every evening, without fail. You come across as a real human being with your honest writings about your goals, and even your bad days are blogged about. We rejoice with you when things go great, and we share your sadness when you lost one of the precious dorkies. Keep the faith, Karla. Love, Patty in Kansas

Sue K

As others have said, I love your blog - but I "use" it for inspiration, not as a shopping expedition. Knowing that, I guess you have to decide what you want to be to others! My thinking about blogs in general relates to what I do with mine, which is:
I began my blog as a way to keep up with friends and family (rather than sending emails with lots of photos attached) and to "sort my brain." Sometimes I just wanted to say things, write things, to be able to get the thoughts out of me (if that makes any sense). The blogs I follow (primarily through Google reader) are people who inspire me as to home decor, food, and their art work. And yes, I've noticed that people are posting on their blogs less and less - and yes, I think that Facebook has a lot to do with that. I'm on Facebook, and think of leaving it at least once a week. Two reasons - it's made me lazy. I want to post a quick grab shot, a quick update, rather than editing photos and thinking about what I write. I don't leave Facebook because it has become, in several cases, the *only* way to keep up with people and small businesses that I really care about. BUT, if I just keep following them, without updating about myself, I become one of those creepy lurkers that seem to fill up FB. And so much of FB seems to be whining and complaining - not the loveliness I've sought out on blogs. So... the circling thoughts continue. To top it off, about half my family and dearest-but-far-flung friends refuse to have anything to do with FB. I get that. As to Pinterest, I started out loving it as another way to sort my brain - to remember details I've spotted and loved, and to keep visual track of tutorials I want to try. Then all the rumblings about copyright, and friends receiving threatening emails about copyright infringement over things they've pinned began, and the shine of Pinterest has waned, too.
In the end, I personally am not using my blog to sell, so my feedback is not your best advice, BUT...everytime my brain starts going in these circles I stop myself and think back, and ask myself why? Why do I need to see more and more and more? And what am I doing that my life is so busy that I can't be bothered with a thoughtful blog post instead of a brief update on FB accompanied by a grab shot? (Something about FB makes me feel as though I should be waving my arms in the air, jumping up and down, and wearing a sign that says "It's All About ME!") And why am I trying to cram more and more into my overloaded pea-sized brain? I have sought beauty and thoughtfulness on the blogs I follow, and that should be my goal for what I put forth. Quality, not quantity; the appeciation of a few, rather than accolades from a bunch of strangers. I personally need to go back to my original intention of little bits of inspiration.
For the record, you inspire me. Thanks.


I check your blog each day, to see if you have posted. I read it direct on your blog page.

I so enjoy the family stories you share, the photos of you're wee fairies and seeing your pretty home. If it was an all-selling blog, I wouldn't read it.

That being said, I like when you share pictures of some of your goodies, and I have bought from your Etsy shop and your boutique.


Laraine Atherton

My reason for blogging has nothing to do with promoting my esty shops, however it's a nice side effect. I blog because I never knew my Grandmothers. They both died before I was Born. I blog so that when my grandchildren ask about me....my children can direct them to my blog. It's also a way for my adult children to check up on me. If I don't blog for a week....I get a phone call.
Besides, I feel the blogs on my side bar are friends that I check in with from time to time.

Karla Nathan

I know just what you mean, Lorraine! My grand fairies are too young to read these posts now, but in my will, I ask that the stories about them are saved for them to read someday, so they will know how much I loved them after Im gone.

Sent from my iPad

Linda P.

Oh, Karla! What you just said is bringing tears to my eyes. That is just so very sweet and special.

Linda P.

And I now see what Laraine wrote, too. You are both special grandmothers!


My goodness I have been reading your blog for years, it is the perfect blend of everything!! A creative mix of Karla, family, design and a twinkle of magic thrown in for sparkle! I so hope on day to get to meet you in person at a event or in good old Indiana when you visit your sis, I'm in South Bend! Take care and keep on!!! Love,Lori

jeanine mayden

i read blogs from facebook mostly. but sorry to say it's all about me. i do it for ideas and shopping. but i love reading yours for more than that. i love your outlook on children, hens, dogs and people who are in need of love. i enjoy your honesty and you have a balance of sales and ideas and heart. keep on bloggin, sista lol


Dear Karla
Interesting topic.
For me blogging is being in touch with like minded souls who spark my imagination and stimulate my creative juices - YOU for one dear Karla.
Facebook isn't me either.

My group of friends just dont "get" what I love and do.
I only wish I had just one friend here ( in New Zealand) where I live, that I could share craft days with and go on fossicking outings for vintage stuff like you and Beth. But there's no one.
The next best thing is my embroidery group, but they look at me side ways if I mention my blog..... like I've 'lost it' or got a screw loose!

So you and many other bloggers like you, are my soul mates, you "get it" and understand what I'm on about.
I drool every time you mention how you picked up some old '50's/60's hats for the pretty flowers - wish I could find some here.
It's what makes 'my heart sing'!!

Karla, I would be devastated if you gave up blogging - right now I'm hoping you have another "Tag Swap" like your Birdsong one last year that I participated in. I just loved being part of that.

I also love hearing about the antics of your darling Sugarwings - that's special. Also your art room, the sweet yorkies and now the chooks!!!

I'm off to France on June 1st for 6 weeks to see my daughter and 3 granddaughters - only 7 more sleeps.

Take care
much love
ps I'll buy some of your brush Christmas brush trees this year - K???!!!


Sorry I'm late to the discussion on this but here's my take. For me, a blog is community. Some blog buddies share writing, some art, some travel, some life, some all of the above and more. I choose them because for whatever reason, I like what they have to say or I learn from it. It's the community of it. And, if they have something to sell, then why not? I'm less enamored of those that ONLY sell, but love those like yours that share life, teach us, offer beauty and sure, why not let us know where we can find it?!

My blog friends have been among the best of my supporters -- I certainly found that out last week when I posted about Gypsy's death and my grief. I have never felt so wrapped in love and they still check in -- and that's good. I need them. They have been the most enthusiastic cheerleaders when I try something new. They revel in my experiences, maybe because I also revel in theirs.

The Marmelade Gypsy is a bit of everything and I like it that way. (Well, I don't have a store, yet -- give me another year and a half!). (And personally, I'll buy what I like, but I will be more likely to find and like it if I like the creator as a person.)

My two cents -- late to the party, but glad to be here.


A life without blogs? Say it isn't so. I may not visit my fav blogs frequently, but I count on them being there for me when I relax and check in. I consider several bloggers to be more than acquaintances; I've come to know about them, sometimes quite personal stuff, that I never consider too personal, because we are a support system. But mostly I smile and laugh and ooh and aah over my fav blogs. They bring me happiness and a connection that has a lot of value. Blog on! Charlotte


I would like to state up front that I am not a blogger - however I LOVE READING BLOGS!!!!! Blogs to me are like having hundreds of wonderful magazines right at my fingertips. They have given me innumerable decorating & crafting ideas, hours of laughter and most of all, the security in knowing that there is an entire community out there who experiences all of the same ups and downs, joys and sadness, terrifying and blissful moments of everyday life that I do. Please don't ever stop blogging - the joy and comfort you provide is immeasurable.

Elaine L.

Hi Karla, I am getting caught up with your blog. I think your blog is perfect. I like blogs that show do it yourself decorating and art projects that can be used in my home. It's where I get my inspiration. I don't mind that you sell things. I usually get bored with a blog that only posts when they have something new to sell, tho.


Dean Designs

I believe Blogging can be a very important tool in both a professional and personal environment.

I preference leans towards pretty blogs that show off everything from their newest project, to bathing the dogs. Humor, wit and a personality are very important to me as well. Who cares about the pictures if your readers do not stick around.

I really enjoy home tours to see how others decorate. I find inspiration and motivation to make my surroundings more beautiful.

I personally LOVE to feature other Artists, and beautiful items on my own Blog. I think giving a helping hand to the readers that support you is just common sense.

I also always try to leave a comment. Comments I believe are important. I hate writing something and then no one ever comments. I find it sad, so I try not to do that to others.

In my opinion Blogs do not have to be drab and boring, or just cover one way of thinking. We live in an ADD world, time to take advantage of that....lol!

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