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August 28, 2012


Linda P.

Dewdrop is quite the little princess! I think the two of you can build some special memories while Sugarwings is in school! She is just precious with the bitty puppy. I especially love the picture with the big smile on her face!

I am so glad things turned out well--that you got to go to the reunion (even though it was a bit shorter time than planned), that Twinkle didn't have to have a C-section, and that the sweet pup babes are all healthy. I send a heartfelt "hip hip hooray" to that marvelous Sandy!

Tara Caveness

Isn't it just the best thing to have awesome friends and family that get you through thick and thin?! Congrats on the precious little puppies and & Twinkle being such a trooper and good lil mama! Take care and I'm sending out my fairy pages in a day or so. Tara

Kim Budash

YEAHHHH, I've been watching your blog for weeks now. Those babies are TOOOOOO cute, and Twinkle did an awesome job, giver her a great big hug from me.

Love, love, love those puppies and am kinda jealous that you get to spend so much time with them. Congratulations and good luck, I'm still trying to get my husband to drive there from Johnstown, PA!! I'll keep working on it. Congratulations again!!


Congratulations! I was worried when you showed us just how big that little baby had gotten. You are so blessed to have Auntie Sandy.We had had to bottle fed 2 litters of kittens and it was a BIG job. We have a new baby in the house (5 weeks preemie) but I bet you will be working harder than we. Your little grandbabe is such a tiny doll. Thanks for sharing.


Ohhhhhhhhh ........ so many puppies ...... ohhhh Twinkle.
She needs lots of hugs.
How great you had (have) Sandy and friends to take care of Twinkle and pups.
You all will be busy now, take care.

Freda Butler

I am so hapy that it is all over for all of you and mainly for Twinkie. That would be like us toddling around with triplets or more. UGH. I bet you were anxious but glad it turned out so you could be with your family in Indiana. It is great to have such a close family. Also to have the great friends you have like Beth and your SIL Sandy.

I am glad you are back and certainly do not feel like you have to get those fairie books done. The little pups need you more.




Ohhhhh my goodness Karla..... pooor Twinkles. I had know idea a dog her size could have so many. They are all beautiful, I want one ! Your little Dewdrop is turning into a beautiful girl too just like Sugarwings. :o) Sue

Janet Ghio

OMG--that little Twinkle and nine babies!! Wow--amazing!1 Glad mom and babies are all okay!!

Lisa Kistler

So glad all went well! She is a super pup!!
Hugs, Lisa

Margie Staniszeski

Wow! 9 babies! That is amazing for such a little one. So glad to read you had excellent and mama and babies are all doing great. In about 4 wks (weaning time) more fun will begin LOL Can't wait to see pix of them growing up. Your grandbaby is just gorgeous! Congrats Twinkle and Grandma Karla!!


I am so glad Twinks is well and that so are all her adorable babies! Congrats on such an adorable brood.


Three cheers for Twinks and a big sigh of relief for you! I hope you had a lovely glass of wine (or two) in her honor!


Congratulations to that dear wee girl, she is so clever to have all those babies! Beth told me what a wonderful Mama she is! Give her a big hug and x from me xo


Yay, Twinkle! What a great mom - 9 puppies! So happy everything turned out well, thanks to Sandy's loving care and nursing skills. Good that you got to be with your family in Indiana even if for a shorter time. Love the photos with Dewdrop and puppy!
Mailed my Fairie pages Sat. morning so should arrive this week, but I think you might have your hands full for a while :)

Sharon Penney-Morrison

A big thank you to the Vet's in KC. They knew what they were doing. I am glad you stopped and slept before making the decision. I was worried so about Twinkle.
She is a beautiful Mother to her 9 kids!!! glad it was her and not me!!! LOL

Karla Nathan

I was so upset and indecisive that I turned around a couple times. I really did need to sleep on it!

Sent from my iPad


What a wonderful mummy Twinkle is! You must be so relieved that after all the traumatic messages etc, you found Twinkle and babies all healthy and so well cared for. Sandy is an amazing woman.
Now I am looking forward to lots and lots and lots of puppy pictures, woohoo!

jeanine mayden

i am so glad! i had all my friends praying for the little ones. i read where you were going to stop in st. louis and i should have invited you here but didn't know how far out of the way it would have been for you. i am so glad all ended well. that dewdrop is so beautiful. must be the only kind of grandbabies you get. lol. they are precious. have you decided what to do with all 9? that twinks is something else. didn't she have a party yorkie the last time and you thought she had been up to no good. lol or was that a different one.


Wow! 9 pups! Twinkle is a little wonder mommy! They are beautiful and so are those pictures of Dewdrop and the pups! She is darling! And happy birthday to Sugarwings, we were away and I am just catching up! karen...


awwww how adorable!!! Wishing with all my might to have one!! lol... your blog is simply amazing. I come here and just relax and enjoy every word and every picture!!!!
thanks for sharing so much!


WOW! Sandy was a hero! And POOR Twinkle... I can't imagine how that little thing carried 9 puppies! My Elle is only 9 pounds I can't even think about it... Good luck & I hope you get some rest. But, who can resist puppies? Charlene

nancy thompson

Ohhhhh my goodness...what adorable babies! I am sure it was due to all of the faerie books and their magic around your house. Isn't there a story about the 9 fairies and their wishes?

I am glad the little mommy is doing well.
Have fun!

Suzanne Wingfield

I cannot wait until Romantic Gothic Ghosts and visiting the cottage and crafting in the studio with one of those sweet little puppies cuddled in my lap. I just might need to take one home. Lacy needs a playmate.

So glad that you are safely back at your home sweet home with sweet Twinkle, the new puppies, and adorable Dew Drop with the beautiful blue eyes.

Newborn Baby

Congrats and Gorgeous pics!! Better to have nutritious food, which results in healthy life.


Karla, I love you and your art and your blog to death! But, as an animal lover, why in the world are you "letting" your dog have puppies? To put her and her puppies at risk! And the millions of dogs in shelters needing home. It is very irresponsible for you to be breeding. I was so disappointed when I read this post. Please, get your dog spayed and make sure all of her babies go to homes where they will be spayed/neutered. Why are you contributing to the homeless animal problem in this country? ONE out of TEN purebreds find permanent homes. Those are the stats!

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