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August 16, 2012


Sharon Penney-Morrison

I am so excited for the puppies. She looks miserable, poor thing. The loft bed is darling. Your fairys are amazing. I am working with Pat on our books this afternoon, and then going to see Wynonna Judd in concert tonight, Wahoooo


Those steps to Sugarwings new bed are delightful. Dewdrop is gonna insist on her own stairs, I'm certain of it.

Lisa Russell

Hope the pups come soon! Happy birthday to Sugarwings!

Linda P.

Fairy-tastic birthday wishes for Miss Sugarwings! Oh, I hope hope hope the little twinkies are born today. That would be so cool for Sugarwings, and I'm pretty sure Ms. Twinkle wouldn't be complaining either! Poor fur girl in that photo. She always strikes such a sweet pose, but I can't help but wonder if this time she's thinking, "Hey, I'm lookin' like a beached whale here! Can't a mama get a little privacy??" Hee hee!

Handmade gifts are the best, and I think the fact that you painted Sugarwings' new loft bed for her bday is so great.

Love more glimpses of your pages! I just have the backs of a couple of mine to finish, then I will get 'em photographed and will send 'em on their way in the near future!

Linda McMillin

Happy Birthday fairy girl! Your covers are beautiful, looking forward to seeing mine. Have a wonderful day and I'll keep my fingers crossed for puppy arrival today.


ooooooooh....ouuuucccch....poor little Twinkle really looks like she is about to pop. Is that normal for these little dogs?

Karla, your books look beauutiful...wish I had been able to participate.

Gloria in Virginia

Karla Nathan

Ive had some big expectant Yorkists but never this huge! Poor little girl

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Beth Leintz

Oh it hurts to look at poor Twinks, she needs her doula. She looks like she could just pop.

debbie york

This is just too much excitement for one day!
It would be perfect if the puppies came today. What a perfect gift for Sugarwings. My Jakie shared his birthday with my little great-niece. It was so precious to see them sleeping together in his little doggie bed.
Hope everything goes well for Twinkie...and little miss tomorrow!

Karla Nathan

No pups yet, false alarm I guess. Drat. Her body temp is going up and down, not all the way down to 98 like we are supposed to watch out for. It would have been lovely o have them today, twinkle and Sugarwings shared a crib as babies too!

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I love the stiffened doilies. Now I know what to do with them. Thanks!

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