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October 23, 2012



OMG Karla....your puppies in tshirts pictures are adorable !

maggie raguse

first of all: KEEP TWO PUPPIES!! I'd hate for you to regret it later if you didn't. They are absolutely the cutest things, and all of your pictures capture their sweetness so well.

second: CONGRATS on the two cool engagements you have coming up! How nice for you, and fun for everyone to have you involved. The one in KS in November looks sooo interesting. Wish I was closer.


These are way, way, WAY too cute! And yes, keep two! I know I always say I wish I lived closer. I'll say it again!

Kate G.

You MUST, MUST. MUST, keep two of them!!! They need each other to play with, fight with and back each other up when mom gets mad.... tee hee hee!

They are all so sweet! My son and his wife had their first baby Oct. 12 and she's adorable, too. Little Lucy!

Have fun with them! And, thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics.

Janet Ghio

Keep those babies!! You can do it--Sugarwings is getting older and can be a big help.She'll lavish them with lots of attention. Do it!!


They really are the world's cutest puppies. I think I'd have to keep two - don't they kind of keep each other busy and play and bond and all of that?

Karla Nathan

Kind of, our house guests dogs and my dogs dont get along. Its getting complicated!

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Terri Gordon

Hi Karla, I have been away and just trying to get caught up and had to visit to see these beautiful puppies, oh Karla they are just so cute, it would be hard not to keep all nine of them. I love dogs so much, if it was me I would keep two, how much fun would they be together! It would also be fun to see the difference in a boy and girl. But I also know how much work they can be. Hope you can decide, boy it would be so hard. I just love seeing all these beautiful puppies, it has been so much fun visiting you. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Terri


Okay, after reading this blog post I'm going to make my husband sleep on the sofa. Not really. But almost. I cannot believe he doesn't want one of these puppies! Of course you know I'm going to say you need to keep TWO!


Listen to your own heart, and of course, hubby. You are experienced enough to judge what will be the sane decision for you. I've had multiple dogs over the years and as your dealing with now, when there isn't harmony, it's a big prob. And you cant know when dogs may just not like each other. (I don't know if litter mates come to dislike each other?) On the plus side dogs can keep each other company for those times when human attention is scant. Whatever you decide, just keep going forward, Karla style!


Say yes to the two puppies. I have two 11-month old puppies, Suzanne and Anderson, who I got when thry were 7 weeks old and while I have completely bonded with both of them in different ways, more importantly they have bonded with each other as best friends. I can't imagine my life without them. Beet of luck and faith to you as you make this decision!

Karen Bailey

Dearest Karla,
I have no doubt in my mind that you won't be able to give another puppy enough attention and love ..it's you girl!!Of course you can and they will keep eachother company when you don't have a lot of time but I know they will be showered with love by you and your family ... so pick a baby boy too!
much love and hugs
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Gayla Pappenfoht

Aw... keep them both... How could you not? You already are twice or three times the puppy-loving caregiver that most people are... Come on.... I think you can't refuse... They are sooooooooooooo adorable.


Way to cute!!!! I say you just go for it.. Keep 2. Especially if this may be your last time having puppies!


P.S. I want one LOL...

nancy thompson

Hi Karla...those babies are just adorable. You have a hard decision. I am "owned" by 3 beautiful Havanese pupsters...can't imagine life without them. I know they will be my last dog family....one of the saddest things for me getting older....
I think you will know if a good family turns up for them...or if they are meant to be yours....and then some how...it will just all work out on the journey!

Erica H.

Your puppies are just TOOOOOOO cute!!! If I ever thought I could handle a dog, I would want a Yorkie, and I'd have to get one of yours because I know they'd be well taken care of.

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