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October 25, 2012



What a terrible thing to have happened to the little darling. You must have been beside yourself with worry, you care so much about your babies. I am so glad your son was able to help her. You amaze me, despite everything going on in your life, you remain such an optimistic, happy and caring person, you have a beautiful soul.

Louise Oakes

I'm glad that Dorothy Rosebud is feeling better. I could do with your son myself at the moment, it's amazing how just some gentle manipulation can make things so much better. Sorry to hear that your other half has to live away from home that can be hard.

Sheila R

So glad that your little sweetie is doing better! It is hard to see these little guys hurt. They are definitely blessed to have you!


Some people really have a gift with energy work and your son obviously has that gift. Glad sweet little Dorothy Rosebud is feeling a little better.
You have had quite a year Karla. I hope things settle down for you...

Janet Ghio

Poor puppy--I hope everything turns out okay for her.

Becky @ Pieces of my Life

I can only imagine what you went through with Dorothy. I vote for your husband taking one to D.C. to keep him company while he is there. Glad to see two little ones came to the wonderful state of Virginia. I like when I see my state represented.

Linda McMillin

i didn't know massage therapy could do all that. nice to know. Poor little Dorothy, it's no fun to be in pain. i am sorry to see the little ones go but knew it was coming.


Your son sounds amazing. He must have a special gift. I knew a little intellectually disturbed girl once who could cure with a touch. She cured my headache.


Oh...good news, news that is good but sounds challenging. You are so blessed to have family that loves you so much. I wish I lived closer to help with puppy sitting!

Tara Caveness

Poor lil' Dory-Bud! She is lucky to have so many talented and caring people to love and care for her. Best of luck in your difficult decision regarding her sweet brother. I totally know what you are saying about having to get a pet sitter for more than one baby! We have horses, cats, dogs, fish, and frogs and it is really hard to find someone and not feel guilty and be able to relax while away. Take care, Tara

Kate G.

Poor baby with the owies! I'm glad she's healing up and she has you Karla, to take care of her. Goodness!

Kimberly Budash

I read and re-read this story several times. I am so sorry that Dorothy Rosebud had to endure this terrible trauma. They are very resilent and I hope she heals properly. I know how much you love your animals and it was so sad to see that bruising on her tummy. I'm sure she is getting Extra love these days. Thank goodness for your son, he is a miracle worker!! Please keep us posted on Dorothy and her well being. Take care!

Cindy Is Crafty

I am glad that the puppy is doing better. Bad big doggie! Sad to hear your hub's news, but excited that in the time you are two hours from me, I might get the chance to say hello!

Beth Leintz

If you have two puppies and need a dog nanny, don't you dare seperate those little guys. Auntie Beth (and Uncle Jeff) would be happy to look after them any time.

Tina-Marie Hamilton

Keep him! Keep him! It will work out, and you can never get him back once he is gone.


So glad puppy is doing better. It's heartbreaking when accidents happen. Sounds like you are busy teaching. Maybe someday I will be able to attend an event!

Curtains in my tree

OMG !!!!!!

I am so glad it is turning out Ok and so glad your son got things under control for that baby

If I lived closer I would be your baby sitter

Rebecca P

Your son has a very special gift. You should be so proud, as I know you are.

My advice is to keep only one. With your husband traveling, its going to be hard enough with just one new baby. Plus, if you keep only one, she will bond better with you. Plus, it will be easier on Twinkles. She doesn't need to compete with two babies for attention, when she was used to being the baby before. I tried keeping two puppies the last time we had puppies and quickly realized it was so much more than I could handle. There was never a break, because as soon as one was settled,the other needed something. They really are like children!


Oh, poor little Dorothy Rosebud (Dottie Rose?!) - I do hope she's recovering well! I know you're happy your son was able to help her so much - amazing with such a tiny little pup!

It would be fun if you could keep both, although there are complications no matter what you do. Maybe the next door neighbors would help with the puppy-sitting since they now have a sibling? Cute puppy blankets - that was sweet of her to make them :)


I first read your post late last night.....before anyone else had commented. You must have just posted. I read it several times and it broke my heart (not to mention let out a small flood of tears). I was so sad for all of you and especially that little puppy. I tried to post a comment but could'nt find the words. I hope she is recovering and doing much better....have been thinking about you.
As far as keeping other pups....listen to your heart. You know what you can handle and I've always known you to have multiple yorkies. There certainly seems to be enough love, nurturing, cuddling and attention to go around at your home with your extended family. You have lots of energy and can certainly multi task better than anyone else I've met.
Hope this doesnt offend....but can the other dogs that are visiting be in a kennel or in another room with a baby gate at the door while their mama isn't home to supervise? Just a thought...since Twinkle is used to the run of the house and now the pups are more mobile with her.

Take care and I hope the healing process is going well. Will look forward to a happy update....:)


Irma Franks

I can sympathize with you. My two cute puppies died consecutively last week. I could not bear the loss. I just missed seeing those puppies everyday. The way they come to me every time I came near them. Great loss, indeed!

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