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December 05, 2012


Linda P.

It sounds like your presentation was full of your warm and cozy "realness" and that your talk was a wonderful balance to what the other ladies spoke about. I would have wanted to spontaneously run over and hug you because you seemed so lovable! Also, what fun that you brought those yummy cookies and provided a project for them to do!

Carol's home looks gorgeous, and that tree you made her is beautiful. I know all of you loved learning from the speakers who were there, and in such a lovely atmosphere, too.


It all looks so beautiful! I'm sure they loved you, Karla! Who wouldn't - you brought cookies and a make'n'take too - along with your wit and wisdom! Sounds like you spoke from your heart with a good perspective based on your life experiences.
Merry Christmas!


Wow...... I'm so jealous ....I'd love to go to a gathering like that. It sounds like so much fun. Everything looks so beautiful to . I love being inspired by others . :o) Sue

Sheila R

I loved your inspiring creative craft, but especially you talking from your heart, sharing your pearls of wisdom (not blobs)and being so very real. You, along with all the incredible ladies and other creatives, made it such a memorable event. Thank you so much for an awesome day!


It must have been so inspiring to all the attendees! I would have gone just to see her home:)

Speaking from your heart, talking about things you love and sharing your knowledge is what you do best! I've found it all here!!!


Kimberly Budash


Don't down yourself, I could listen to you talk all day long. You are "real" and have "real" stuff to say and I enjoy your blog immensely. You don't push your stuff, you just put it out there and if we want to purchase we do, if we don't, thats okay too. I LOVE reading your blog and peaking into your world and your blog embodies happiness and the information you share and the stuff you show how to make is incredible. Your true spirit and happiness shines through in EVERYTHING you do. Keep up the great work, and don't ever retire from blogging. You make my day each and every day!!

nancy thompson

I would love to hear you speak any day! I'm "on your page" in wanting to live a loving and creative life. It's what matters and is important to me.

You always inspire me...and p.s......I love my recent purchase from your shop!

Linda McMillin

the sugar cookies would have won me over. i am sure what you said was needed to balance out what everyone else did and honestly the most improtant part of any life. and they took home a pretty too-OMGosh! what is not to love.

Carol Spinski

Dear Sweet Friend,

You were AMAZING~of course I knew you would be:! Thank You for sharing your incredible talents and making the day so special for everyone. I could not have done it without you:) The ornament was beautiful too and the perfect memento of the day:)
(((Hugs))) Carol


LOVELY! I am sure everyone enjoyed your talk and the sharing of your talents...and cookies! I wish I could have been there!


When we reach the end of our road in life, sure having a nice bank account to "buy things" or travel is all fun, but when all is said and done no business plan etc. is food for the soul as a ceative life. A life where you choose to live not just produce for the sake of profit margins. I wouldn't change one thing about you except I wished you lived in IN like your sis. Your spirit and zest for life, family and art is soothing, incredible and inspiring! You bring me joy in your blog and in my life now since loosing my son and spot of joy my heart can find comes ten fold. Thank you Karla for you so very much! Love,Lori Kolecki

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