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January 01, 2013



Happy New Year, Karla! Thanks for sharing this to start of the year right. I especially liked the line: "It's a time to think about what really works and what we can do to make it better."

Debra Ganas

Nothing like a New Year's post from Karla, to inspire me to make some changes in the new year. Thank you, Karla for a year FULL of inspiration! I think I will get started right now!


Happy Beginning to 2013 Karla! You are such an inspiration in my life, thanks.

Marilyn in Missouri


Happy New Year Karla and thank you for another great post. I always feel that same need to purge and restore order in January and you have inspired me to get going!
I don't have a ton of options in my very small house because things only seem to fit in a certain way but I have been rolling around some changes that seem a little odd and this post is making me think I should just go for it. I can , after all, just change it back - right?!


Happy New Year Karla! You are such an inspiration to so many...Thank you!!

Karla Nathan

Very true, Kathy, its only furniture, not remodeling! Start scooting

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Louise Oakes

Is your fireguard made from old iron railings or gates? It's lovely.

Stephanie O.

Happy New Year! Your home looks lovely. And, I agree that a slimline version of my home is one I tend to favor in the winter months. Unfortunately my daughter was just adamant that the Christmas decorations stay up through January 2nd so I have felt a bit strangled lately with all the clutter. But, one day soon enough the kids will be gone so I know I need to relax and let it go...

Sheila R

I have been rearranging and feel the need to declutter. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Karla Nathan

I know what you mean, Stephanie, the holiday decor was getting to me this year too. Normally it stays up past the first. Sugarwings was against it coming down so I left it up a couple days after Christmas.

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Karla Nathan

Thanks, Louise, but its not old at all. I got it at a discount store, it was bronze. I sprayed it with highest paint.

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Elaine LaMonk

Karla, I'm always in the mood for "spring" cleaning after Christmas. I've been in the hospital for four weeks, because I had to have two surgeries due to ovarian cancer complications. You would not believe how much I crave doing simple household chores. It's almost like a luxury. It really is the small day-to-day things that matter. I can't wait to rebuild my strength, so I can declutter.

Happy New Year to You and Yours.

Yvonne Welty

I love your decorating changes. It almost feels like a "new house" doesn't it? A new year does make you think in a different direction. Change can be good!


I DO understand about wanting a clean slate at the beginning of a new year ~
All the 'clutter' from the fall/winter seasonal decorating begins to annoy, rather than to delight ~
hugs ~

Gloria McAllister

Happy New Year Karla! Looks like someone other than you and your hubby are enjoying the new arrangement as well!!

Looks like I will be having a wedding in 2013 (yes, he proposed over Christmas) and so I have a lot of purging to do as well. Can't begin to imagine moving all his stuff in until a lot of mine goes out. Where to start??

Gloria in Virginia


Happy new year! I am on board with making changes around the house myself this week! You toe-toasting nook looks so cozy!


I'm really ready for a do-it-yourself makeover. Not sure where to begin though (but I'm thinking maybe the bedroom, since Lizzie's path to the window involves jumping on Rick's side of the bed!)

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