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January 21, 2013



Love these little felted bunnies & chicks ♥


So happy for you - love all your goodies that you get to play with! I'd love to try felting.

Quick question...You had crown rings at one point in your boutique. You wouldn't happen to have any left would you? I didn't see them in the shop, but thought that I'd ask.

Hope that you are doing the hula!


Karla Nathan

Leann, Ill try to remember to look when I get back. I might have kept a few.

Karla Nathan

Kelley aka JunqueyGal

Me too! Sewing should not require measuring or patterns! I like to eyeball it and if I'm really off, I swear, I cut it up and make it into something else. Since I'm not making clothes (for me at least!) it works fine. I love these pastel bunnies, I may need to look for some pink felt for my girls to play with...


Karla Nathan

Yes, I can wing sewing with stuff like this. If I had to make clothing, Id be in big trouble!

Patty in Kansas

Karla, your little bunnies and birds are so sweet...I LOVE to hand sew little things like that...especially if I can sew with the blanket stitch (my favorite). If you have trouble with the thread tangling, stop after every ten or twelve stitches, and let the needle hang freely, and it will spin a few times, and release the twist that makes the thread tangle. It's called letting the needle "dance", and it really works for hand stitching. (Let the threaded needle dangle free, pointy side down, over the edge of your table). Try it, it really does work. Patty in Kansas


After reading today's post, I bought wool sweaters at my local thrift shop. Now they are felted and ready to make sweet, baby ValenEaster animals and hearts. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring even when you are half way across the ocean. Love your journal pages!


your fuzzy little critters are as cute as can be. I don't mind sewing. I just use my sewing machine most of the time easy peasy but like you I don't like to measure things.

Judi Storm

That paper is DREAMY!!!


Just beautiful! I have a little experience with needle felting and seeing these reminds me I should pick it up again! I also have a boatload of old sweaters I knit in the long ago that could do with a felting! Hmmm. This weekend's project perhaps?

Linda P.

I am in LOVE with your felted bunnies and chickies! Oh, and those little chickie legs and feet are adorable!! I have never tried felting anything, but I may give it a try someday. How very sweet to have friends to send you goodies to create with!

Lee Wehner

Those felted bunnys are so sweet. Thank you for the giveaway- I would love to win the fabric flowers book by Amy. Hope you have a great trip!


That white cabled wool would make a darling teddy bear or a snowlady with a pink wool hat and scarf. Don't forget a crocheted flower on the hat!!

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