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February 09, 2013



<3 all of them!

Bears with a HEART

Ohhhhh ...... that first photo you show ....... adorable.

It is great to see them run and play and enjoy.
And it is great you let us see it all here also.

I see it from our own lads, but love Dorkies.
I was a "babysitter" for Dorkies, when I was young :-) and still love them.

Linda P.

Dorothy Rosebud looks like she could be bouncing instead of running! Ha ha! Looking at her makes me think of "boing boing boing"! : )

You mean . . . you mean . . . you made UP the term "dorkies"? I actually thought maybe that was some official term. And now I know different. Ya learn something new every day. *Feeling a little silly now* : )

Karla Nathan

I think that there really are dorkier that are half yorkie and half dachshund. I didnt know that when I started calling my dog that 20 years ago. They are so goofy it just seemed to fit perfectly.

Karla Nathan

Karla Nathan

Linda, Im going to hear boinging in my head every time they run! Thats priceless.

Karla Nathan

debbie york

Way cuter than flying monkeys...although I'd be willing to bet a dollar to a donut they're twice as much fun than a barrel full of aforementioned monkeys!

Karla Nathan

I think they can cause just as much trouble and wreck my house as much as all those monkeys could, Debbie!

Karla Nathan


The poor thing in the second one is a all matted and can't even see! Get him a hair cut. I will do it for free if you would like. I would NEVER let my dorkie get that matted. Shame on you.


A dorkie is a dachshund and Yorkie mix. You did not create the term...you should not be a dog owner

Karla Nathan

Oh my, what a silly, mean comment! I call my dogs that because they are such goofy, funny, dorks. Silly and funny. The opposite of your attitude. Lighten up, have some fun.

Karla Nathan

That dog belongs to my neighbor, who loves and cares for him. He was still a puppy in this shot and it is a very typical look for a yorkshire terrier baby before its first haircut. They all go through this stage.

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