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November 20, 2013


Tami Hacker

Can hardly wait to see you and all your pretties! I love that you are so excited about Saturday...me too!!


I need to plan my schedule better so I can attend one of your Christmas events. I always love attending Birdsong in the spring and I know I'm missing a great event this time! Have fun!

Linda P.

I really like the title of this post! Thought-provoking!

I love that you are letting us see some of your Christmas beauty in the studio! It helps me imagine even more what the scene will be like when that big room is buzzing with conversation and gluing and cutting and creating this Saturday!

I agree that mixing the more-fun with the less-fun in your preparations is a great way to go. The foofing of the studio is, after all, just as important as the putting away of messes and sweeping of floors, right? : )

I love your house and studio so much, and I want to say once again that I am so inspired by what you share here and so overtaken by the warm fuzzies. Looking at these scenes of yours is pretty much the same to me as curling up in a comfy, oversized chair in front of a fire, with my hands firmly wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate. Thank you for providing that sweet feeling!

Karla Nathan

Lisa it would be lovely to see you here for our workshop! You will be missed.


Pretty indeed! It is simply beautiful, Karla! I hear the gasps already, the squeals of awe and delight and the "Oh, my! Did you see THIS!" sounds coming across the miles. Enjoy! Can't wait to see the pix!

Jeannie McGehee

What a great way to start the Holiday season! The "Joy" made me smile and the entire room makes me so wish I could be there..Have a great day of fun, creativeness-is that a word??- and laughter! Tis the Season..

Karla Nathan

I hope the ladies like it!!

Karla Nathan

Joy and Merry are both used a lot around here. In the decorations and just in general. Sugarwings and her mom both have Joy as a middle name and are known as the Joys so it is a favorite word of mine!


……….sigh……..what mess???


Love the treat cabinet - the light just shines through. It is the treat cabinet right? Good luck with the sink - we've got plumbing issues of the bathroom. The toilet isn't flushing right. I want it fixed before the family gathers here at Thanksgiving!!!

Have a wonderful time Saturday and take pictures. We want pictures!!!


Karla Nathan

There will be lots of photos, Leann! Good luck with your plumbing. I guess we are both lucky that it happened in time to get fixed before our parties, huh?

And yes, that is the treat cabinet, ready to fill up with goodies.


Oh everyone will be in heaven at your house decked out for the holidays! I can hardly believe I have to miss it! I will be awaiting drooling over all the photos...


Oh Karla, where do you get the energy? The decorating is pretty, and I especially like the banners at the window. I'm sure your party will be wonderful.

Karla Nathan

Thanks, Pallas! One of the banners was from a swap I was in years ago, with Carol Spinski, Amy Powers, and Lori Oles. I added a couple Christmas trees in cones to holiday it up. But I use it at all different times of years.

Karla Nathan


I hope I get to attend one of your parties some day! This looks like a dream! Have fun and take loads of pics.

Karla Nathan

There will be lots of photos, Gayla!! I tend to take tons, and love looking through them all after. The only bad part with taking so many is that I end up with lots of time spent editing. oh well, its worth it!

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