Sugar and Wally are having pups!

Welcome to Cottage Doodles!


The Nathan Family has lived in an old farmhouse on ten acres in Lawrence, KS for over 25 years. Along the way we have raised peacocks, horses, Yorkies, and now Doodles. Our babies are well loved and nurtured in a home setting. 


All of the pups are part of our family, and spend a lot of time in the arms of grand fairies, who can't get enough cuddle time with the little ones.

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Our girls have been helping with the babies since they were babies themselves.

IMG_0649 IMG_2038

Which makes for very social dogs, who enjoy people of all ages as they grow up.


The dogs have a big yard to run in, and the freedom to play outside at will, as well as being taken on walks in the woods with our family.


Honey, our Golden Retriever, had 6 pups in 2017.

Weddingdress 014

She was bred with Kramer, a standard poodle from Freestate Pedigrees. (This is Honey as a pup in 2015, with Twinkle, one of our Yorkies)


Both parents were about 60 lbs each, and their pups, as adults ranged from 60-100 lbs.  Sugar, the black dog on the left is our babe, who we simply couldn't let go, we had to keep her.


Sugar is as sweet as her name, and is a calm, smart girl, who is gentle and loving.


We try to keep her shaved since we live in the woods. She loves to run down to the creek for a swim.  Doodles do require regular grooming.  Most don't shed (Sugar does not shed), but it depends on their coat.

IMG_3483Here is Sugar between cuts!  She can get very "doodle-y".


Sugar has quite a curly coat.

Chicago 025

These are Honey's parents.  Honey and Sugar are from health tested lines.

Chicago 031 Halloween 051
My goal is to only plan for breeding when we can have warm weather puppies.  I like them to have lots of freedom to run and play outdoors, and to be out in the yard with them.  I find it helps with housebreaking too.

Scan copy

As an artist, I work from home, and am with the babies all day.  Often, one sits on my lap as I work, or they nap at my feet in the studio.


I typically leave the studio door open for them to wander in and out to visit me.

Head class 100

Over the years, we have raised a lot of Yorkies.  Many have gone to family and friends, so I can easily keep in touch. 

Gifts 005

We have had a few kittens at the Cottage too!


If you would like to know more about myself and our family, you can take a look at my blog, Karla's Cottage.

Puppies! 161 Websales 113

We love our pets and give them a happy start in life.   


Litters are not born here very often, maybe every couple of years or so, only when I know I can set aside months of time to spend with them in teaching, loving, and caring for the little sweethearts.  With my busy schedule, I do not take pups lightly. I know how much devotion they need to become good dogs, and I refuse to breed one of our dogs unless the timing is perfect and I can promise to put them first.  


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