Tiny golden doodles
Sneaky Sugar!

A few little breaks


The first 24 hours of the squeaky babies’ lives, it was nearly impossible to get mama out to go potty.  After that period, she has begun some quick trips to stretch her legs.  See the burrs on her face?  She even went for a quick run in the woods.


She has also snuck up the stairs to the grand fairies’ rooms to steal a unicorn.  No matter how many times I remove stuffed toys from the box, she goes to get them back again.

I know, that doesn’t sound very nice of me, does it?  But after finding one pup stuck under the safety rail, pinned in against a unicorn against Sugar’s back, we can’t risk suffocation.  The compromise has been to put the toys on a pillow right outside of the whelping box, so Sugar can watch them. That seems to help.

ACC7890F-5E0F-45BC-8404-46605376D1B1This is my little corner of the world for now.  I dozed in the recliner, watching Netflix and puppies most of Sunday, then again Monday morning and evening.

But now that Sugar is feeling able to get out a bit, so am I.


I haven’t left to go out into the world yet, but I did venture out to the driveway to paint the garage Monday afternoon.  It was nice to do something physical after so much time sitting on a stool or a recliner by the box.

Not that painting a garage is at all fun... but I could check on the babies regularly and it was a mindless chore that kept me busy.  Soon, I will set up a nursery in my art studio to take them out there with me, so that I can get something creative done.


Although, it sure is hard to work when there is so much cuteness to stare at!


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