Pretty Babies
A heart shaped nose

I ❤️ Goldendoodle Babies!


Playing with sleepy puppies is wonderful.  I like to try to line them all up by color, or on their backs, or facing each other. 

But the most fun is to get them to nestle into a heart shape.

This open heart isn’t easy, because they like to be on top of each other.


So I tried a cuddle puddle heart.

The trick is to snuggle each baby, and pet it until all of its wriggling stops.  When it is dozing, gently place it where it needs to be, hoping not to wake the others.  I try softly scooching them into position, and stroking their backs as I move them.

The more content and comfy they are, the easier it is  to move them into a shape or line them  up.

So, while it looks like I might be messing with them, what I am actually doing is socializing them to be soothed by human touch.



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