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The goldendoodle pups next step in potty training


Those little guys have outgrown the house!  We have moved them into the breezeway.  For now, the door is kept shut, but by next week, they will have the courtyard to run in.

But Sugar still needs to get in and out, so I took the screen out of the window for her.


She needed a refuge from their hungry little mouths, so I moved a bench into the room for her.  It is the one from the foot of my bed, where she likes to sleep.  I think she is happy to have her bed out there.


They are getting good at not pottying in the nest, but are hit and miss with the newspapers.  You can see here, it is about 59/50.

For 3-1/2 weeks old, that is pretty durn good.  As they get bigger, the papers will get further away from the nest, toward the door.  The goal is to get them going only outside eventually.  This is how I trained their mom, she was housebroken by the time she came indoors to live with us forever and her siblings went to new homes.

For now, this area is easy to keep clean. I can spray it with the hose a few times a day, and use a mop if needed.  This is such an ideal area for babies!


Supplementing the goldendoodle puppies’ food


When the tiny fur balls turned 3 weeks old, I started giving them each a spoonful of milk replacer while snuggling them.   I did it a few times a day for two days until I knew they were handling it well.

And I could tell that they wanted more!


So, I mixed up a panful and let them explore.  At first, they weren’t sure what to do, but it didn’t take more than a moment for them to get their faces in there.


And a foot or two.


Yep, she’s going all in.

Hanging out with the goldendoodle pups


This is my view in the living room, looking straight down from my recliner.  Twinkle on my lap, Sugar actually on my feet nursing her litter, and Honey dying to get in there and make sure all of the tiny bottoms are clean.


Yep, there she goes, she can’t wait to help with the pups.  I remember when I was a new grandmother, I always offered to change diapers.  It was a job most parents are happy to have help with, so I could take the little grandfairy up to her room for a fresh dipee and not feel guilty about hogging time with the newborn.   


I have a feeling Sugar is glad for the assistance. 


The world’s most beautiful photo


The pups are catching on!  They are tinkling on the papers A LOT.   Not 100%, but hey, this is pretty good for a three week old!

I think it is already time to move them into a bigger space so their nest is completely separate from the potty area.  This pool has been a nice segue, and I will still use it at times, but these little guys are moving on to the breezeway today, so they have a room to themselves.  One that I can spray with a hose! 


Potty training begins for the goldendoodle pups


The incredibly fast growing puppies have had to expand their living space.  They needed separate play, sleeping, and potty areas, so they are now living in a wading pool, still in the house.

In a few days they will be sent out to the breezeway and learn to go in and out of the door to potty outside.

Well, that is the idea, but it isn’t quite that quick and simple.  It starts with a lid from a Rubbermaid container, lined with a potty pad and layered with newspapers, set away from the bedding.   The babies toddle over to it to pee, so their bedding stays cozy.

I jumped with the glee first time I watched three of them wake from their naps and pee on the papers!

Another two tried, but couldn’t quite make it, although the effort was there.


My job is to keep the puddles that don't make it onto the papers mopped up, the beds constantly changed, and their little toes wiped off, to keep the tinkle smell contained to the tray to train them to use it consistently.  


My washing machine gets a workout, keeping up with all the output, but it is worth it to send these sweeties to their new homes with a healthy start on housebreaking. 

Grammies to the rescue


Newborns can be a lot of work for a new mama, and often they need some help.


Luckily, Sugar has her mother, Honey, to ease her load.


A few times a day, I remove their bedding and sanitize the nest.  While the babies are waiting out of their box, their grandmother tends to them and babysits. 


Sugar gets a little break, I get some help in corralling them, and we both appreciate Honey’s efforts.  

Making a move


Look who sits up now!  And takes some wobbly steps around.  I swear, they try to make their way towards me when I call to them.

Or is that just wishful thinking?


This is still how they spend the majority of their time when not trying to get to Sugar to nurse.

Since they do purposely amble toward her, am I wrong to think that they might be walking toward my voice or into my hands when I talk to them?  

The Goldendoodles are two weeks old!


Time is flying by and these sweeties are doubling in size.


Speaking of large sizes- Pip, the behemoth from Honey’s litter came to visit.


That is one, BIG boy  and such a cutie, he is the very embodiment of happiness.  I was glad to see him and to know how much his family loves him.  They are choosing a friend for him from this litter.  


Albie is still fascinated with the little guys.  He spends a lot of time watching over them, often from the back of the recliner so he has an eagle eye view.


Or looking in the box right on their level.   

If I try to hold one up to him, his curiosity turns to terror and runs away.   

I wonder how he will feel about it when they run after him?  It won’t be long!