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Potty training begins for the goldendoodle pups


The incredibly fast growing puppies have had to expand their living space.  They needed separate play, sleeping, and potty areas, so they are now living in a wading pool, still in the house.

In a few days they will be sent out to the breezeway and learn to go in and out of the door to potty outside.

Well, that is the idea, but it isn’t quite that quick and simple.  It starts with a lid from a Rubbermaid container, lined with a potty pad and layered with newspapers, set away from the bedding.   The babies toddle over to it to pee, so their bedding stays cozy.

I jumped with the glee first time I watched three of them wake from their naps and pee on the papers!

Another two tried, but couldn’t quite make it, although the effort was there.


My job is to keep the puddles that don't make it onto the papers mopped up, the beds constantly changed, and their little toes wiped off, to keep the tinkle smell contained to the tray to train them to use it consistently.  


My washing machine gets a workout, keeping up with all the output, but it is worth it to send these sweeties to their new homes with a healthy start on housebreaking. 


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