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September 2019

A relaxing soak in the tub


The babies had their bottoms shaved and their first big dog baths.  Dex did not care for the razor, Wally practically slept through the whole process, everyone else was just fine with it.


Lola did half heartedly tried to escape and the little blonde girl gave me a bit of stink eye.  But over all, it went well.

5EB938BB-BF87-4EE6-B0E1-A71A4EC4B3EFThey did enjoy exploring a new space.

61200FD9-6115-4DAA-9236-7265977A747DThe Yorkies had already been washed and didn’t much care for the invasion into their space.

17D90D20-328C-44EA-9A69-446EEE43A07BAlbie seems to be wanting me to save him from the horde.


Even though they don’t look all that scary to me.


For washing seven pups and three adult yorkies, it was a pretty stress free day.  

And everyone was so fluffy and smelled sweet!



Strolling with the goldendoodle puppies


We took the babies out for a stroll yesterday.


I thought it could be good training for having them come when called, since they wouldn’t be fenced and I could see if they would still listen if they had other options..


 Six out of seven came running when I beckoned...but that feisty one- she has a mind of her own.  She was very curious and wanted to check out every bit of our ten acres at once.  Luckily, with her mama dog nearby, she wouldn't go too far.  They all like their mama a lot.  But we did end up carrying Miss Mischievous part of the way, just so we would know where she was.


When we put her down she fell in line with the others and waddled back into the fence. 

We will get them out more often.  Even though they have a huge yard to run in, they were very excited to have new spaces to explore.



And then there was one


This is the last baby left to find a home.  


It is hard to get a good photo of her since her face is so dark. People do not like the black dogs or dark faced dogs as much because they cannot see the expression in the eyes in photos as well.


See what I mean?  But I can assure you that these sweet eyes can look deep into your soul with lots of love.  


If you want to come and visit her in person and look into those eyes, please let me know. She loves visitors!!

Crating the goldendoodles


The first step in getting a dog to be comfortable spending time in a craft, is to put their bed in it and leave the door open.

The babies have been sleeping in the crate for about a week now.  Soon, I will be shutting the door on them for a few minutes at a time and giving them treats while they wait for me to open it again.

Dogs are naturally den dwellers, so a crate can be a cozy, comforting spot for them to feel safe, if it is introduced to them correctly.  This is how Sugar was trained, and she loves her crate.  Both she and her momma will curl up in it together, or separately whenever they feel like it.  The door stays open so they can wander in and out, unless they are muddy and I need to use it for a drying off spot for them.


Goldendoodle puppies that are still available


The giant sign in our front yard has helped puppies find new homes.  And I am hoping that if my babies are living with neighbors, I will get to see them going for walks down the sidewalk over the years.


These two are both possibly still available.


A friend is still trying to solidify her decision.  I have my fingers crossed that she takes one, because I would get to watch it grow up!


The black boy is $700 and the spotted girl is $1,000, in case you might be interested too?

5-1/2 week old goldendoodle pups


These three lovable babies are still available.  We are asking $1,000 each.

The parti-colored girls are known around here as Cookie and Cream, the brindle boy has been named Pudding, for his laid back, easy going, sweet as a bowl of warm pudding personality.  The girls’ parti-colors suit their temperaments, those two can turn any room into a PARTY!

The litter’s theme for naming was from their mama, Sugar and grandmother, Honey. All have sweet names.  Stevia (Steve), Dextrose (Dex), Caramel, and Marshmallow.   All names were chosen by the grand fairies.  


And sweet names perfectly suit them!


The goldendoodle puppies have their first bath


What is the best part of bath time for the babies?  Playing in the water, or snuggles after?  


I filled the wading pool early in the day and let the sun warm the water.  By afternoon, we could plop pups into it one by one and lightly lather them up.


All seemed to like the process, but weren’t quite ready to frolic.  It was more of a cautiously wandering around in the water together.


Afterwards, I would wrap them up and hand them to my assistant for cuddles and drying.


Soon they realized they could climb out without my assistance and there was an avalanche of wet, cold pups that needed to be toweled off.


If you are wondering how many wet puppies one teenager can hold

at once, the answer is five.