Visitors to the puppies
Parti-colored goldendoodle pups for sale in Kansas

New skills


Someone learned a new skill today. If you need a shoe untied, here is the puppy for you. Or even if you don’t want it untied, she will show you her trick anyway.


This might be an odd photo, but it is one that shows progress to me. As the pups get older, they get further and further away from the nest to potty.  No one has peed in the bedding all week.  At first the newspapers were set up right by the bed, but now the babies are going toward the door to go pee.

See the puddles?  They are getting as far as their tiny, little bladders will let them go towards outside before peeing. And not peeing all over the room, just on the way to the door.

No one has pooped inside in 3 days, all have made it outside for that!

I am one proud Grammy.  Good dogs!



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