Possible pups?
Honey’s update and litter dates

My house might soon be Doodle paradise

Well, guess what?  Not only did we take Honey to Free State Pedigrees to be bred by Felix, we dropped off Sugar there for a date with her previous beau, Wally. 

Oh my.

 Am I of a right mind?  Two litters at once?  And later in the year?  I always said I would never have winter puppies, because we have a perfect set up for summer pups.  And I believe the babies need fresh air and a place to run (as well as for housebreaking themselves).  

But November, when they are old enough to run and wrestle and play outside, can be mild in KS.  And I have worked out a plan for keeping them in our garage, with a dog door to get in and out if needed, when it is chilly and at night.  Then in the daytime, they will have access to the fenced yard with a bed in the breezeway for their nap times. 

And with the two week age difference, I will be able to provide the needed attention at the appropriate growth stages.  But I sure will be busy doing it!


Which is just what I need.  It has been two months now since my son died.  Two months of missing his hugs and the kisses on top of my head.  Two months of missing our walks and our laughs together.

An armload of furry sweetness won’t replace Ryan’s hugs.  But it will be a very welcome distraction from heartache.  Plus, even though both of our dogs were taken to meet their boyfriends, it is never guaranteed that they will have successful dates.  It would shatter my hopes if we’d decided against taking Sugar in to see Wally and Honey ended up not having pups after all.

I decided I would rather double my odds.  I need some puppies in my world right now.  
This is Wally, the father of the Sugarbabies.

And I think I am not the only one suffering.  With the state of the virus spreading now, I am sure there are many people who would love to have a doodle to cheer them up.  
We will be offering a discount on pups to families who have been directly affected by Corona. 

If you are interested, please check back here for updates.  Sugar’s babes will be ready possibly the week of Thanksgiving and will be small to medium F1b goldendoodles.  Honey’s will be ready approximately the week of November 15 and will be medium F1 goldendoodles.




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