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August 2020

Sugar Babies from the Last Litter

This creamy, golden gal barely made it to 30 lbs. It’s hard to tell with those fluffy curls, though.
You can see how dainty she is with this hair cut.

Here is her bigger brother, also with a fresh style.  He was a bigger pup, our fat, little brindle boy.  Brindles often turn more silver as they get older, and I can see his brown stripes are turning.  He is about 40lbs, I think.

I cannot wait to meet the new babies!

A visit from the Midwoof

Our RN daughter-in-law is very near to completing her midwife training, so I asked her expert opinion on whether Honey and Sugar were expecting.

  Although her shirt reads, “Midwives Help People Out”, she was also happy to help with dogs.
She brought over her Doppler to listen in and spy to hear if there was anyone in there.  
With Honey, she was pretty sure she heard some tiny beats!

Sugar’s due date is almost two weeks after Honey’s.  So maybe we will try again later and the iffy sounds will sound more conclusive.

For now, we will celebrate that there are puppies expected around September 15! 

A puppy from last year’s litter

This is Alfie, from Sugar’s litter last year.  He is 38lbs and lovable as can be.

He is the 4th dog this family has gotten from us over the years, and they all have seemed to remember me when I visit.  They know their Grammie loves them!

We have bred Sugar with Wally again, so hopefully she will again have pups that are in the 40-45lb range.  
We still don’t know if she is expecting for sure.  Honey was bred with a dog about the same size and we expect pups about that big with her.

And she seems to be pregnant! She is clingy, and wants to be with me a lot, not my husband, who she is typically glued to.  She knows who takes care of her babies with her.  She is also putting on weight and resting a lot.  Sugar is as full of boundless enthusiasm as ever, but it is still early for her.

I am debating getting an ultrasound, but those are only for my reassurance, not of any health benefit, so I’m still considering.

Please check back for more info as time goes by.  Honey’s due date would be September 15, it’s getting close!


Pup Pops

To celebrate the possibility of puppies arriving  (and because quarantining means lots of baking - and eating!) we made cake pops in pup shapes. 
Some look like Sugar.  Chocolate cake with chopped up KitKats inside, dipped in melted Geradelli  milk chocolate chips.

And some like Honey.  Hers are peanut butter  chips melted to dip them in. The cake is dark chocolate with Reese’s Cups chopped up in it.


We put some styrofoam with holes punched into it in a cute, golden retriever cup I’d found at the Goodwill a while ago.


Then we wrapped that cuppa-pups up to deliver to Anette at Free State Pedigrees as a thank you for keeping Sugar there for a few days for the with Wally.