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While the blankets and pads get changed out regularly and the boxes are kept clean, a major overhaul is still due to happen now and then.

Today, the bathroom where Suggie’s brood hangs out needed a very deep cleaning. So the shuffle began.

Honey’s butterballs were placed in the wading pool, then Honey’s box was thoroughly cleaned.

Sug’s babes came to hang out in Honey’s box as the family kept watch to make sure all went politely.

Yep, this is what my house looks like now...gone to the dogs!

For today it is temporary.  I bleached the bathroom, then rinsed with clear water multiple times.  The pups that usually live in there needed to be away until the smell was completely dissipated. 

Eventually this will be our set up, but not quite yet.  The Sugar Babies are only five days old and still need the quiet space she likes them to be in.  Honey’s are not big enough to get away if laid on, so need the rail in the box to escape under.

Trying out the pool and newspapers to pee on was a bit optimistic, they can’t waddle over to them to pee yet.

Soon, though.

They are getting so large that they are running out of space in the box when their mom joins them.

Everyone is back where they belong and the shuffle went well.  Sugar and Honey respectfully greeted each other’s little ones.  I can see a happy, co-parenting situation coming along in the not so far future.



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