Doodling- ha! Get the pun?
Weighing in and a loss

Family movie night


Last night, I fried up green tomatoes and cooked up a pot of green beans from the garden. Along with homemade honey flaxseed bread and sliced heirloom tomatoes, it was an ideal, end of summer meal.  There won’t be a lot more of those tomatoes from the garden, so I invited the family over to share.

And they were happy to visit, because it was their first time to meet the teeny pups.

 Honey’s babies got lots of attention from my babies.  We watched Mulan on Disney Plus and every puppy got snuggles in shifts throughout the whole movie.  

With nine little ones, I am going to need my helpers to get these puppies their fill of cuddle time.  Because lots of cuddles makes for secure, confident dogs who know people love them.  


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