Getting ready
Honey’s F1, Red Golden Doodles Are Here!


EE8B5062-0751-4934-889B-E5352DCF3CA6As her tummy expands, Honey has decided she prefers the floor to pillows.  She mostly is resting now, but have been able to convince her to go on walks with us. 

Please remember as you consider getting a sweet little fluff ball of a pup, that a dog is a lifetime commitment.  See Twinkle in this photo?  At 14, she is blind and confused.  She heard my voice, but doesn’t really know which way to look to find me.  

She needs special treatment at this point in her life. I have become her seeing eye person on our walks and she follows my signs and signals to not run into curbs, steps, or logs.  

She will always be my baby, and my buddy, no matter how much extra care she needs.



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Terry Neibaur

You are such a good doggy mom!


Hi! I am was wondering if her litter is spoken for?

Oriana Frank

My dog has only 2 years old, and I'm already scared for when she'll be 14th, if she get to that age.
Is hard to let them go, they are so lovable, but so week when they are old, just like human.

Dave Brennan

I have a 13 years old dog and a 7 years old cat, they are still doing fine, but I'm always worried.
My dog has hearth problems and has to be control and take pills..
I understand your feelings, we get too attached to this adorable companies.

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