Baby Books for the Butterballs
Changing it up

All Lined Up


The Butterballs have reached the stage of being rolly  polly little fluffy bits of cuddliness.  Perfect for lining up!

The trick is to snuggle them into acceptance, then gently lay them down on their backs in a row.

And it only counts if you can get them to stay on their backs.  Flipping over breaks the rules.

They have to trust me enough to be comfortable with being placed this way, and have to be calm enough not to wiggle out of the line up or wake up the others.

It only takes one wriggler to ruin the whole operation.

It’s my favorite game.


If they get good at line ups, I can move on to other shapes.  This one is supposed to be a flower, with each pup as a petal.

Not quite as successful as the straight line, but it sure kept me entertained!





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Randy Nathan

I always love this game!!!!! So cute!

Teri McDonald Johnson

So cute!

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