How many puppies do you see?
Puppy Love

Bath Time


Most of the pups handled their first baths really well.
Although, I did get the Stink Eye from some.

The only crier, was this little guy.  And he is my sensitive boy.  From the day he was born, he was very vocal about any problems he had.  
He is the one who gets his ears pulled too hard by his brothers, or gets cold easily, or just wants to be held.  I am walking a fine line between babying and comforting him.

I want him to be independent and sure of himself, and not a yapper.  So, I try to reassure him without indulging him too much.  He probably does get more than his fair share of the attention, but I think a healthy dose of extra love now, is what he needs to become a more secure dog later.

He could be the prettiest puppy I have ever had, as well as the loudest.  And possibly one of the sweetest?

It is hard not to just scoop him up and carry him all day in my sling, he would love that.  But he needs to grow up to be a strong dog.

 But I know, he will always be sensitive and will have to go to just the right family who has the time and patience to train him right.  And to spend extra time with him, he will require extra cuddles.
All of the babies are getting to an age where they are showing their personalities more and more.  
And getting cuter each and every day!


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Wow, I wish I could be there to help you! Randy is coming soon isn’t here? They are just so sweet!

Karla Nathan

Yep, Randy is here! I have all sorts of chores for him, starting with having him hold them while I shave their bottoms.

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