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October 2020

New Toys and an Old Fave


The Butterballs and Sugarbabies are so curious that any new item in their area sends them all onto it in a rush.

(That goes for fresh potty pads too, they LOVE to help me spread those)

845BF773-E55B-4FEA-9FDB-0DD358D64BA1So, I go to Goodwill a few times a week to see what new items I can find for them.  Today, I scored big with this footstool and manic monkey. 

(You can see a video of their first reaction to it on Instagram at Cottage Doodles.)


The pups played so hard that they simply fell over and went right to sleep where they were, didn’t even try to go to their beds.


They have a variety of toys, most can go in the washing machine.  I rotate them a couple times a day, because novelty is so important to them.  They are always ready to pounce on the latest addition to the pen.

88D2875B-8DE5-452F-B977-6181BB83337FBut this toy?  The cement block never gets old for them.

Especially for this guy. He adores this brick and is always crawling through it.

He also fell fast asleep during play time.

Puppy Love

I always said that I would never raise cold weather puppies.

And this is why!  Being outside, running and playing in nature is so much fun for the little guys.

And for me.

But when my son died, I knew I needed armloads of puppies to soothe my soul.

The timing was not right,  both dogs went into heat at the end of summer.  I probably was out of my mind by breeding them both at that time of year.

And it certainly is a LOT more work to keep them clean when they live in the garage.  
It is an amazing amount of work to have two indoor litters.

And the smell isn’t that great, either.


But, oh my gosh, those snuggles!
And those faces!


Not to mention those furry, waggly butts.


I am loving my time with them.  No matter how much extra work it is.  And we are making the best of the pretty days when they come along.


I keep telling myself not to fret over the set up indoors being less than perfect, because these babies think it is just fine.  They are happy and loved, they don’t care where they are as long as they are getting lots of attention.


I just wish my Ryan was here to share it all with me.  
He loved the fur balls as much as I did.


A few tears might have been dropped onto their fur.  They just wriggle around and lick the tears off of my cheeks.


Taking care of them hasn’t been easy, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  
My heartache over Ryan will never go away.


There will always be a Ryan shaped hole in my heart.  But filling up the area around it with puppies does help.





Bath Time


Most of the pups handled their first baths really well.
Although, I did get the Stink Eye from some.

The only crier, was this little guy.  And he is my sensitive boy.  From the day he was born, he was very vocal about any problems he had.  
He is the one who gets his ears pulled too hard by his brothers, or gets cold easily, or just wants to be held.  I am walking a fine line between babying and comforting him.

I want him to be independent and sure of himself, and not a yapper.  So, I try to reassure him without indulging him too much.  He probably does get more than his fair share of the attention, but I think a healthy dose of extra love now, is what he needs to become a more secure dog later.

He could be the prettiest puppy I have ever had, as well as the loudest.  And possibly one of the sweetest?

It is hard not to just scoop him up and carry him all day in my sling, he would love that.  But he needs to grow up to be a strong dog.

 But I know, he will always be sensitive and will have to go to just the right family who has the time and patience to train him right.  And to spend extra time with him, he will require extra cuddles.
All of the babies are getting to an age where they are showing their personalities more and more.  
And getting cuter each and every day!


DD546E0E-3945-4D98-8AE4-43854502B19AThe mama dogs have decided to pitch in and help each other.

With that many babies running around, it seems like a good idea.

The only issue is that the Sugar Babies are a week younger and seem to be smaller pups over all.

Honey is starting to wean her Butterballs, so feeds them less often.  I need to be sure that the itty bitty ones get plenty of milk before Sugar is drained by the big guys.  
Also the older ones play a little rougher and since they weigh more, the teensie ones get overwhelmed.  Although, they are becoming wrestlers too and pretty much hold their own.

So far, it has been a lovely fall, and the pups have been outside a bit. Not as much as I’d like. Summer puppies sure are easier to care for.  
But we have a system for cleaning them up, and they are getting used to being in crates and watching me as I spray out their areas.  I have even had a chance, although not much of a one, to do some crafting.  I gathered the vines and dried flowers to make this wreath.

But 16 babies in chilly weather takes up most of my time.  I won’t know what to do with myself when they are gone!

(Videos of the litters can be found on Instagram at Cottage Doodles)


C4F27156-F4BA-4C89-8F23-9C00940AB398See how soggy those papers are?

The Sugar Babies have learned to waddle away from their pillow to pee on the newspaper.  They still potty elsewhere, and don’t always make it to the right place, but it gets a little better each day.

Dinner time and toy time

6E4A3CBC-75D9-4886-AE47-3B423E5370B0Now that the puppies are getting bigger, Honey is getting some “me time” away from the litter.

She hung out with her best friend, my husband, while he worked on adding level nine to his cabin.  

Well, some are getting bigger than others, huh?

They are enjoying their formula mixed with soft food so much, that when they are done eating, they just fall over where they are at and fall asleep.

The Butterballs love dinner so much, they invited a friend to join them.


The Sugar Babies are now eating formula too.

Their mom brought them a special treat.  She snuck a field mouse into their puppy pond.

I didn’t know if she brought it to them as a toy or a snack.  I upped the toys just in case she felt like they were lacking.

They are all starting to love their toys as much as their meals.


Co-habitation planning

Sugar is still being very protective of her pups.  Honey is happy for anyone to be with hers and loves sharing them.

Eventually, they will all need to live together in the garage as they get too big for the house and the weather is too cold for them to be in the breezeway.

The puppies themselves and Honey are all for it.
Now, to convince Sugar that we have a good plan.  Wish me luck!