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October 2020

The Butterballs’ first bowl of food


The Butterballs are drinking their formula from a dish now.  They turned 3 weeks old on Wednesday, and I began feeding them with a syringe, then with a spoon, and now, they are slurping away like big dogs already.

The one on one time of holding them and spoon feeding the formula to their happy, little faces was good bonding time.  But puppies need to grow and become independent, so I caved in and pan the pan out for them.


At 4 weeks they will start getting formula mixed with soft food, and I will once again go back to spoon feeding part time.  I give them soft food on a spoon, when they sit patiently and wait their turn.

After a few rounds of turns, the rest of the can of food goes into a bowl for them to finish.

A Jump Start on Housebreaking

543EA7D6-BAC1-4BF4-8AC6-AD1204EC58D9So far, there isn’t much toy time going on.  But, I toss a few in with the babies every time I change their bedding. Which seems like all of the time!   (The toys need to be washable also, because we can’t have any lingering urine smells on the beds, blankets or toys.  That all needs to be clean so they learn to waddle over to the newspaper and potty there.)

The toys for now are just extra pillows to the babies.  The real toys are their siblings ears.

And the newspapers can still be confused with bedding.  So those need changed often and the puppies need to be cleaned off.  I have some all natural, lavender wipes that make them smell very sweet.

With 16 peeing puppies in pools, the smell is a constant battle.

Now that the older ones can climb out of the pools, they have moved to the garage and breezeway, but the battle continues.  
Keeping their nests clean is the first start of housebreaking.

Oh my, you can tell from this photo that I haven’t been to get my hair colored in ages!!  I’d been cutting it myself due to  Covid avoidance.  Then, my friends Mary and Grace came over to visit their brown and white spotted baby and dear, sweet, talented Grace brought her salon scissors with her and gave me a much needed trim.

A new haircut sure gave me a lift.  But I am not ready for color yet.  Because of all the pups, I am being severely careful on social distancing.  These next few weeks with the little guys will be so busy, I can’t even afford time for a headache, let alone a virus.  And with sleepless nights for weeks on end, I am probably a bit run down, so my hair color will just have to wait until all of these darlings are safe and sound in their new homes.

Changing it up

We have been experimenting with the puppy nests.  As the babies outgrow the whelping box, they move to a pool.

8 pups is more than I was used to and that makes for a tightly packed pool.


So, the Butterballs were divided up into two ponds and the Sugarbabies were placed in a third.  I tried a little co-mingling to see how that worked, but Sugar wouldn’t have it.  
Honey didn’t seem to mind who were where, and went along with having her kids split into two groups.

She was good about feeding both sets equally too.

But the ones waiting their turn in the 2nd pool did not wait patiently.  Which was fine during the day.  At two am, it was a little loud when they begged for their milk, knowing their sibs were gobbling it up right next door.


Instead, I will keep them together at night, after tucking them in with full tummies.  I am giving them milk replacer now, to help Honey out.

Then, on nice days, they are going to the breezeway to have more room to play.  
The Sugarbabies are still mostly nappers. They are enjoying being in an area big enough to have a pillow to snuggle up on.

And they are waddling off the pillow to use the potty pads just like the other group. 

Their eyes are open now. 
Honestly, they are, just not very often. 

All Lined Up


The Butterballs have reached the stage of being rolly  polly little fluffy bits of cuddliness.  Perfect for lining up!

The trick is to snuggle them into acceptance, then gently lay them down on their backs in a row.

And it only counts if you can get them to stay on their backs.  Flipping over breaks the rules.

They have to trust me enough to be comfortable with being placed this way, and have to be calm enough not to wiggle out of the line up or wake up the others.

It only takes one wriggler to ruin the whole operation.

It’s my favorite game.


If they get good at line ups, I can move on to other shapes.  This one is supposed to be a flower, with each pup as a petal.

Not quite as successful as the straight line, but it sure kept me entertained!