Bath Time
New Toys and an Old Fave

Puppy Love

I always said that I would never raise cold weather puppies.

And this is why!  Being outside, running and playing in nature is so much fun for the little guys.

And for me.

But when my son died, I knew I needed armloads of puppies to soothe my soul.

The timing was not right,  both dogs went into heat at the end of summer.  I probably was out of my mind by breeding them both at that time of year.

And it certainly is a LOT more work to keep them clean when they live in the garage.  
It is an amazing amount of work to have two indoor litters.

And the smell isn’t that great, either.


But, oh my gosh, those snuggles!
And those faces!


Not to mention those furry, waggly butts.


I am loving my time with them.  No matter how much extra work it is.  And we are making the best of the pretty days when they come along.


I keep telling myself not to fret over the set up indoors being less than perfect, because these babies think it is just fine.  They are happy and loved, they don’t care where they are as long as they are getting lots of attention.


I just wish my Ryan was here to share it all with me.  
He loved the fur balls as much as I did.


A few tears might have been dropped onto their fur.  They just wriggle around and lick the tears off of my cheeks.


Taking care of them hasn’t been easy, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  
My heartache over Ryan will never go away.


There will always be a Ryan shaped hole in my heart.  But filling up the area around it with puppies does help.






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Evonne Howell

I have been reading your posts on the website, on Twitter and on your Facebook page ever since we decided to adopt a puppy from you a few weeks ago. I’ve gone back and read your posts for 2020 and my heart aches for you in the loss of your son Ryan. What a handsome young man he was and I can tell he was dearly loved by his family. My prayers are with you as you learn to maneuver through this very difficult time. Thank you for loving and caring for our puppy until we are able to. I am so impressed at the gentle patience I have seen you show in the videos, and with SO MANY puppies to care for! May God bless and comfort you and your family.

Sharon Morrison

Your puppies fill a void for now that help each day pass a little lighter.
Ryan will always be present, everyday, every hour. This is loss, this is mourning.
Oh, I hate this feeling of emptiness.
Hug to you, and the darling puppies.

Katie Reif

Hello. Your puppies (and their parents) are beautiful! I recently lost my beloved chocolate labradoodle (Nola) after 11.5 years. Are any of your puppies for sale? If so, could we arrange a time to speak? Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards,

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