Health testing and breeding practices
Doodles in Paradise

An Excellent Rating by Good Dog!

Sugar has completed her health testing and our status on the site has been upgraded to EXCELLENT!

Well, I always knew that Sugar was top tier, what a good dog she is.

Earliest date for her F1b golden doodle puppies is May 1st.  And I will be keeping you updated here and on Cottage Doodles on instagram too.  


Molly has started her health testing too.  At her age, so far we can only do the DNA (which came back just fine).  At two years old she will also have her eyes, hips, and heart verified before breeding.

Honey also had a date with her poodle beau last week. The earliest date to expect more fluffy, Molly look-alikes is May 3rd. (All pups should be red butterballs again)

Oh my... am I insane?  That is a LOT of puppies in one week!

Well, this will have to be Honey’s last litter (her third).  We had debated spaying her earlier, but agreed to one more.  For best health practices, you breed two seasons back to back then pass one heat.  Honey skipped a couple of cycles and also had a false pregnancy.  To make she we have her happy and healthy for as long as we can, we think it is time to spay her.

While we are a legitimate, tax paying business, first and foremost, we are a family and we want the best for our furry family members.

 So I am going to appreciate and love on her very last litter and enjoy them as much as I can.  She and Sugar sync their cycles, and the timing was right to breed Shuggie, so here I go, two litters at once again.

Wish me luck, please!




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Best of luck to you and yours! Looking forward to being able to visit Lawrence this spring!

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