My Pretty Girls
Happy birthday to me- and to the new puppies!

Doodle Travel Buddies

I have decided that every beach trip should include doodles!  What great companions they are.

They are almost as much fun as grand fairies.

And every bit as enthusiastic as the kids.  On our walks up the shore, Molly was fascinated by all of the buckets, shovels and toys she saw children playing with, and even tried to snag a few.

Every child we passed wanted to pet her and she was happy to get the attention.  One cute pair of little boys with hair that almost matched Molly’s offered her one of their buckets and she carried it around for days.


It became her favorite toy.

Well that and the sand itself!

She was in digging heaven with all of that sand.  That dog was a mess, but cleaned up surprisingly easy.  I either sprayed her off or quickly brushed her and all of those pounds of sand fell right out of her fluffy fur.

The waves ranked pretty high on all of the dogs’ lists of favorite things.

They  loved exploring at the off leash beaches.

It  was a wonderful trip and only made better by having these sweethearts along for the ride.


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