Happy birthday to me- and to the new puppies!
The Sugarbabies at 4 Days Old

The Sugar Babies weigh in

What a colorful bunch of babies!
On my birthday, Sugar had nine pups!


Well, she started on the evening of my birthday, half were born after midnight.  I was up til almost four am.


And I have to admit, that at 63, not getting enough sleep seriously makes me feel old.  Oh well, I’ll sleep when the babies are gone, the time will fly by.

No matter how old and tired I am, it is never a chore to stay up all night waiting for babies to come.  

Seeing what color comes next is as exciting as opening presents.

Shuggie had two apricot parti, two black and white parti, two black abstract, and two cream, so I was very excited to see if another pair of colors would arrive.


She stopped birthing for almost forty minutes after those eight, but I knew she wasn’t done yet.


The anticipation was very suspenseful.  My body was tired, but I was not sleepy.  Then she had one more cream colored boy, and I was sure she was finished.  There wasn’t going to be another pair of colors.  

Her body language changed, and she just looked finished.  And she was.  Sugar is one of the best dog moms I have ever had, so I doubt if I will be lacking too much sleep.  She curls herself carefully around the pups, nestles them near her and tucks them in.  When she climbs in and out of the nest, it is gingerly.  

It’s funny how different dogs can be as moms.  Honey was all business.  She treated motherhood as a job that she was going to be the best at,  but wasn’t exactly gentle and was known to step on or lay on the little guys.  Her pups had me up and down all night for weeks, yelling for me to save them from being squished, or cold. 

 Sugar not only takes good care of her babies, she nurtures and snuggles them.  And when they are older, she will welcome Honey to come in and help out,  there will be lots of work to do and Honey is the dog for the job.  

This will be our only litter, Honey’s breeding didn’t  take.  I am kind of relieved, one litter at a time is plenty.  Nine pups will be enough to keep us all busy!


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