The Sugar Babies weigh in
The Sugarbabies’ One Week Birthday

The Sugarbabies at 4 Days Old

The babies are doing great, gaining daily, nursing well.


So far, this has been the easiest litter I have ever cared for.


Typically, there is one rough birth where my heart leaps in my throat and the puppy needs help getting it’s first breath.  But each one of these guys was born with fully pink tones, very vocal and in motion.

Not a single hitch.

None need supplemental feedings, all are getting cute, little round tummies and growing nicely.


But best of all, Sugar is so gentle with them, that there are no cries during the night from a puppy trapped under her that causes me to run to check on them.  Shuggie carefully wraps herself around them and always seems to have the babies neatly lined up and happily nursing or napping.


I’ve just had the fun parts of being with a newborn litter.  I cuddle, pet, and then weigh them, sit by the box and talk to them and stroke them as they eat.  
And of course, I get to pose them for sweet photos.


It has been a joy.

Holding these warm, soft bodies against my face and kissing their tiny heads got me through my first Mother’s Day without my son.


It wasn’t an easy day for me, but I had my dogs to hold, the flowers Ryan planted for a past Mother’s Day fully in bloom, and my husband to pamper me.

The first anniversary of Ry’s death is approaching and I know that these furry sweethearts will be there for me to pour love into and help heal my heart.

I am blessed to have them in my life when I need them most.  And I look forward to raising them to be loving pets that will be there for their new families when they are needed for comfort or cheer.



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