The Sugarbabies at 4 Days Old
Puppy puzzles, or origami?

The Sugarbabies’ One Week Birthday

At this point, the babies are getting snuggly.  As you can see from this photo of a parti boy curled up asleep in my friend’s lap.


Their little tummies are getting rounder and their fur is silky.  They are still needy, without open eyes or ears and unable to regulate their own temps, but they are now getting to a point where they seem to know that being held by a human is kinda nice.

And it is hard to resist holding them all the time!  
They are like magnets, pulling me over to the nest to scoop them up and love on them.


They are also big enough to start sharing that love, so I have friends coming by to visit and give them attention.


I’m also doing face time calls and videos for perspective families now that the pups are starting to look more like dogs than mice.  They are filling out beautifully and I am proud to show them off.


For now, I only have adults and teenagers having puppy play dates.  I’ll wait for them to be older before I introduce them to young kids.


We aren’t letting the older dogs around them yet either.  They’ll be socialized with dogs, people of different ages, and even the chickens as the time is right.


Right now, I’m appreciating the sweet, quiet cuddles of this stage of their  life.

It goes by so quickly.


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