Doodling- ha! Get the pun?

EF0E9E09-B212-4DE4-B217-7BD81B456C3EYesterday, I realized just how hard it was to tell these guys apart.  They are all shades of peanut butter (although, technically they are “red”). All have white marks.

Until they are bigger and I know them better, I needed a way to differentiate them, so I decide to “doodle” the doodles.

I need to keep track of weights, and thought a little log book for each guy would be a good idea.  They can be gift books for the new owners, with newborn portraits, weight charts, and other tidbits I add.

Now, that all sounds good, let’s hope it isn’t a typical, new mother’s plan to fill baby books up that starts great and ends up empty...