Brindle boy

I ❤️ The Dog Park


Our city has a magnificent dog park.  Miles of trails through fields and the woods.  Some of the trails are paved, some dirt, some gravel.   Lately, I’ve been lucky enough to find heart shaped rocks in the gravel, like these two little ones.  

I thought it would be cool to use my blue crystal heart as a bowl to collect other rocks in.


This one was in the paved area.


And this little piece of my own heart came running up to me with an exciting greeting.  It’s Wally!  One of Sugar’s babies, and he seemed to remember me.

He lives nearby, in the neighborhood Ryan and I walked through regularly.   There wasn’t a week that went by when Ryan didn’t mention that he hoped we’d run into Wally, who had been one of his faves.  He had actually dog sat this boy for a week for the new owners and was pretty fond of him.

We hadn’t come across this brindle cutey in our many walks, but the week Ry died, his brother took me on a “Ryan Walk” and guess who was there? Wally was out on a walk too!  I am afraid I cried too hard to be able to greet him.  But I made up for it when we ran into him at the dog park.  He got lots of snuggles from me.


In the fall, the bales are harvested in the many fields the trails go through and Molly likes to show off her jumping skills by leaping up onto them. Sugar can also leap into the air, but sees no reason to do it.


Dorothy enjoys the view from way up high, and likes to be sat up there with Molly.  Someone her height doesn’t often get to see the world from this angle.



Sugar Babies from the Last Litter

This creamy, golden gal barely made it to 30 lbs. It’s hard to tell with those fluffy curls, though.
You can see how dainty she is with this hair cut.

Here is her bigger brother, also with a fresh style.  He was a bigger pup, our fat, little brindle boy.  Brindles often turn more silver as they get older, and I can see his brown stripes are turning.  He is about 40lbs, I think.

I cannot wait to meet the new babies!

5-1/2 week old goldendoodle pups


These three lovable babies are still available.  

The parti-colored girls are known around here as Cookie and Cream, the brindle boy has been named Pudding, for his laid back, easy going, sweet as a bowl of warm pudding personality.  The girls’ parti-colors suit their temperaments, those two can turn any room into a PARTY!

The litter’s theme for naming was from their mama, Sugar and grandmother, Honey. All have sweet names.  Stevia (Steve), Dextrose (Dex), Caramel, and Marshmallow.   All names were chosen by the grand fairies.  


And sweet names perfectly suit them!