Crate training for the goldendoodle pups

Crating the goldendoodles


The first step in getting a dog to be comfortable spending time in a craft, is to put their bed in it and leave the door open.

The babies have been sleeping in the crate for about a week now.  Soon, I will be shutting the door on them for a few minutes at a time and giving them treats while they wait for me to open it again.

Dogs are naturally den dwellers, so a crate can be a cozy, comforting spot for them to feel safe, if it is introduced to them correctly.  This is how Sugar was trained, and she loves her crate.  Both she and her momma will curl up in it together, or separately whenever they feel like it.  The door stays open so they can wander in and out, unless they are muddy and I need to use it for a drying off spot for them.