Expected puppy update

Oh, yes, there are certainly pups coming!

C4BD3BC7-441E-4959-BF5E-F37CE715C110We made a fast trip to the North Carolina mountains before school started, and pups possibly came along.  I knew I’d be tied down for months once babies arrived.

When we left, we were pretty sure Honey was expecting.  While we were gone, she practically exploded!  Look at that full belly!

That is not just a possibility of puppies, that is puppies for sure.


Sugar is about 12 days behind her mother, but she had what looks like a belly blast of growth too.

Possible due date for Honey’s red and white, small-medium F1 golden doodles is Sept 15.

Sugar’s surprise package of colors, of small-medium F1b golden doodles are due Sept. 27.

Looks like I was smart to vacation while I could, huh?  I’m about to be knee deep in furry, little cuties that will take ALL my time.

And I just cannot wait!

A visit from the Midwoof

Our RN daughter-in-law is very near to completing her midwife training, so I asked her expert opinion on whether Honey and Sugar were expecting.

  Although her shirt reads, “Midwives Help People Out”, she was also happy to help with dogs.
She brought over her Doppler to listen in and spy to hear if there was anyone in there.  
With Honey, she was pretty sure she heard some tiny beats!

Sugar’s due date is almost two weeks after Honey’s.  So maybe we will try again later and the iffy sounds will sound more conclusive.

For now, we will celebrate that there are puppies expected around September 15!