Golden retriever grandmother

Saying farewell


By this weekend, our dog population will have dwindled down to just four,  Dorothy (who is getting tons of attention after losing her brother), Molly, Sugar, and Honey.


The pups are starting to leave for their new families.


Sugar is ready to say goodbye.  She has been sleeping on the blankets that go to their new homes, and letting me rub toys and blankies all over her to get the scent nicely saturated.  But is avoiding anyone trying to nurse.  She is over it.


The bags are packed with necessities and goodies to take along.


As hard as it is to say goodbye, I do love seeing the pups meet their new people.  They seem to know that person is theirs now.


While it is hard for me to watch them go, it might be even tougher for Molly.


She cannot stand to have them out of her sight.  I see a lot of games of fetch in my future to distract the poor girl through her sadness of losing her rollicking, lil playmates.


And who will their mommy hunt tasty tidbits for!?  She brought this critter right into the house to them.  At least the mice and birds she catches have been delivered outdoors.


I will miss their endless fascination and curiosity.  Oh and the enthusiasm!  They kept things lively around here.  I loved to show them new things to watch their excitement in exploring it.

I loved taking care of them too, the bathing, and brushing, and medicating.  I was rubbing Neosporin onto one fluffy boy’s fat tummy after another while sitting out on the patio and visiting the other day and someone asked if I actually enjoyed all of that work.
Yes, I do.  It doesn’t seem like work to tend to these babies’ needs.  And they are here for such a short time, I try to savor all the moments.


Maybe it is from raising kids, then grandfairies and looking back at how fast it all flew by.

My lessons have taught me to look for smiles and love where I can find them, and treasure each one. 

Hanging out with the goldendoodle pups


This is my view in the living room, looking straight down from my recliner.  Twinkle on my lap, Sugar actually on my feet nursing her litter, and Honey dying to get in there and make sure all of the tiny bottoms are clean.


Yep, there she goes, she can’t wait to help with the pups.  I remember when I was a new grandmother, I always offered to change diapers.  It was a job most parents are happy to have help with, so I could take the little grandfairy up to her room for a fresh dipee and not feel guilty about hogging time with the newborn.   


I have a feeling Sugar is glad for the assistance.