Goldendoodle litter

A relaxing soak in the tub


The babies had their bottoms shaved and their first big dog baths.  Dex did not care for the razor, Wally practically slept through the whole process, everyone else was just fine with it.


Lola did half heartedly tried to escape and the little blonde girl gave me a bit of stink eye.  But over all, it went well.

5EB938BB-BF87-4EE6-B0E1-A71A4EC4B3EFThey did enjoy exploring a new space.

61200FD9-6115-4DAA-9236-7265977A747DThe Yorkies had already been washed and didn’t much care for the invasion into their space.

17D90D20-328C-44EA-9A69-446EEE43A07BAlbie seems to be wanting me to save him from the horde.


Even though they don’t look all that scary to me.


For washing seven pups and three adult yorkies, it was a pretty stress free day.  

And everyone was so fluffy and smelled sweet!



5-1/2 week old goldendoodle pups


These three lovable babies are still available.  We are asking $1,000 each.

The parti-colored girls are known around here as Cookie and Cream, the brindle boy has been named Pudding, for his laid back, easy going, sweet as a bowl of warm pudding personality.  The girls’ parti-colors suit their temperaments, those two can turn any room into a PARTY!

The litter’s theme for naming was from their mama, Sugar and grandmother, Honey. All have sweet names.  Stevia (Steve), Dextrose (Dex), Caramel, and Marshmallow.   All names were chosen by the grand fairies.  


And sweet names perfectly suit them!


Supplementing the goldendoodle puppies’ food


When the tiny fur balls turned 3 weeks old, I started giving them each a spoonful of milk replacer while snuggling them.   I did it a few times a day for two days until I knew they were handling it well.

And I could tell that they wanted more!


So, I mixed up a panful and let them explore.  At first, they weren’t sure what to do, but it didn’t take more than a moment for them to get their faces in there.


And a foot or two.


Yep, she’s going all in.

Hanging out with the goldendoodle pups


This is my view in the living room, looking straight down from my recliner.  Twinkle on my lap, Sugar actually on my feet nursing her litter, and Honey dying to get in there and make sure all of the tiny bottoms are clean.


Yep, there she goes, she can’t wait to help with the pups.  I remember when I was a new grandmother, I always offered to change diapers.  It was a job most parents are happy to have help with, so I could take the little grandfairy up to her room for a fresh dipee and not feel guilty about hogging time with the newborn.   


I have a feeling Sugar is glad for the assistance.