Goldendoodles in Kansas

Goldendoodle puppies that are still available


The giant sign in our front yard has helped puppies find new homes.  And I am hoping that if my babies are living with neighbors, I will get to see them going for walks down the sidewalk over the years.


These two are both possibly still available.


A friend is still trying to solidify her decision.  I have my fingers crossed that she takes one, because I would get to watch it grow up!


The black boy is $700 and the spotted girl is $1,000, in case you might be interested too?

The goldendoodle puppies have their first bath


What is the best part of bath time for the babies?  Playing in the water, or snuggles after?  


I filled the wading pool early in the day and let the sun warm the water.  By afternoon, we could plop pups into it one by one and lightly lather them up.


All seemed to like the process, but weren’t quite ready to frolic.  It was more of a cautiously wandering around in the water together.


Afterwards, I would wrap them up and hand them to my assistant for cuddles and drying.


Soon they realized they could climb out without my assistance and there was an avalanche of wet, cold pups that needed to be toweled off.


If you are wondering how many wet puppies one teenager can hold

at once, the answer is five.


The goldendoodle pups next step in potty training


Those little guys have outgrown the house!  We have moved them into the breezeway.  For now, the door is kept shut, but by next week, they will have the courtyard to run in.

But Sugar still needs to get in and out, so I took the screen out of the window for her.


She needed a refuge from their hungry little mouths, so I moved a bench into the room for her.  It is the one from the foot of my bed, where she likes to sleep.  I think she is happy to have her bed out there.


They are getting good at not pottying in the nest, but are hit and miss with the newspapers.  You can see here, it is about 59/50.

For 3-1/2 weeks old, that is pretty durn good.  As they get bigger, the papers will get further away from the nest, toward the door.  The goal is to get them going only outside eventually.  This is how I trained their mom, she was housebroken by the time she came indoors to live with us forever and her siblings went to new homes.

For now, this area is easy to keep clean. I can spray it with the hose a few times a day, and use a mop if needed.  This is such an ideal area for babies!


The world’s most beautiful photo


The pups are catching on!  They are tinkling on the papers A LOT.   Not 100%, but hey, this is pretty good for a three week old!

I think it is already time to move them into a bigger space so their nest is completely separate from the potty area.  This pool has been a nice segue, and I will still use it at times, but these little guys are moving on to the breezeway today, so they have a room to themselves.  One that I can spray with a hose! 


Making a move


Look who sits up now!  And takes some wobbly steps around.  I swear, they try to make their way towards me when I call to them.

Or is that just wishful thinking?


This is still how they spend the majority of their time when not trying to get to Sugar to nurse.

Since they do purposely amble toward her, am I wrong to think that they might be walking toward my voice or into my hands when I talk to them?  

I ❤️ Goldendoodle Babies!


Playing with sleepy puppies is wonderful.  I like to try to line them all up by color, or on their backs, or facing each other. 

But the most fun is to get them to nestle into a heart shape.

This open heart isn’t easy, because they like to be on top of each other.


So I tried a cuddle puddle heart.

The trick is to snuggle each baby, and pet it until all of its wriggling stops.  When it is dozing, gently place it where it needs to be, hoping not to wake the others.  I try softly scooching them into position, and stroking their backs as I move them.

The more content and comfy they are, the easier it is  to move them into a shape or line them  up.

So, while it looks like I might be messing with them, what I am actually doing is socializing them to be soothed by human touch.


A few little breaks


The first 24 hours of the squeaky babies’ lives, it was nearly impossible to get mama out to go potty.  After that period, she has begun some quick trips to stretch her legs.  See the burrs on her face?  She even went for a quick run in the woods.


She has also snuck up the stairs to the grand fairies’ rooms to steal a unicorn.  No matter how many times I remove stuffed toys from the box, she goes to get them back again.

I know, that doesn’t sound very nice of me, does it?  But after finding one pup stuck under the safety rail, pinned in against a unicorn against Sugar’s back, we can’t risk suffocation.  The compromise has been to put the toys on a pillow right outside of the whelping box, so Sugar can watch them. That seems to help.

ACC7890F-5E0F-45BC-8404-46605376D1B1This is my little corner of the world for now.  I dozed in the recliner, watching Netflix and puppies most of Sunday, then again Monday morning and evening.

But now that Sugar is feeling able to get out a bit, so am I.


I haven’t left to go out into the world yet, but I did venture out to the driveway to paint the garage Monday afternoon.  It was nice to do something physical after so much time sitting on a stool or a recliner by the box.

Not that painting a garage is at all fun... but I could check on the babies regularly and it was a mindless chore that kept me busy.  Soon, I will set up a nursery in my art studio to take them out there with me, so that I can get something creative done.


Although, it sure is hard to work when there is so much cuteness to stare at!